Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why do I feel like a slacker

Saturday morning 8:30 AM. I'm up and going. Mike is downstairs with Sean. Connor is wanting Mommy so I go in and get him up, dress him, and take him downstairs. Back upstairs to put on minimal makeup for the grocery store. Shorts, t-shirt, glasses (my eye is still not totally healed from the corneal abrasion), start a load of laundry and out the door for the grocery store. Go to the big HEB so I'll have a better choice of produce so it takes an hour and a half to shop. Whew! As I'm heading for the register Mike calls for me to bring motor oil for the lawnmower (YAY, he's going to mow). Come home and unlock the gate and both backdoor locks (they don't match so require 2 keys) with my hands full of groceries. Haul in all the groceries and start unloading.

Sean is still in his jammies. The dishes are in the sink, on the counter, on the table. Put up the groceries. Put the dishes up. Pick up the counters. Give the boys a snack. Pick up miscellaneous trash--bags, boxes, magazines. Clean table. Sit down to have my first meal of the day--tea, cheese, and a peach. Stop to get Sean grapes as Connor has taken over his and won't share. Eat a few more bites and scan the paper. Send the boys outside. Go outside and tell Sean to stop spraying down Connor and the backdoor. Tell Sean to clean out the containers he put dirt and rocks in that need to be used for toy storage. Get Sean soap, a washcloth and give him instructions. Return with a washcloth for Connor. Eat a few more bites. Go outside and tell Sean to clean the containers not sit in them. Wash the fruit and arrange in a bowl for the table. Clean Connor up and get him lunch. Clean Sean up and get him lunch. Dig through the hall closet for gift bags for the birthday party at 4 and the baby shower at 6. Discover the baby shower bag is damaged. Attempt to fix it with a well placed bow. Discover the birthday gift will only fit in the Spongebob bag. Debate wrapping paper. Discard idea as there are only blue, green and red ribbons (just remembered there is ribbon upstairs--too late). Fill Spongebob bag with pink tissue paper to cover the pink car Sharpey (HS Musical) is driving. Hope that is girly enough.

Go upstairs to get blanket to wash. Decide to blog. Get followed by Sean. Threaten him with no party so he'll go downstairs with Connor and give me 5 minutes. Talk to Mike twice on his way home from Walmart. Finally blog for 5 minutes. Think about how I really need to go potty but forgot about it again for the last 30 minutes while I did other things. Look at the disaster which is my home and wonder why it's so messy on the day I planned to clean it.

****SIGH**** wonder why I feel like I've done absolutely nothing today and it's almost time to get ready for the party.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Okay, I'm already totally lost about what is normal and paranoid in this whole Swine Flu thing (please note that the school district 10 minutes from my house along with 3others w/in 30 minutes are closed due to actual confirmed cases). Now I have another situation on my hands that I'm at a total loss about.

Today when I was picking up Connor my friend walked in to get her daughter. I was hoping to see her as she called me earlier. I hadn't called back because I laid down for awhile after my workout class AND helping at Sean's school today (I mentioned that so I won't seem lazy:) We were talking when the director came up to her and took her daughter. Me being oblivious I thought the director was just hugging on her little girl. We headed out and stopped in front of the director's office. That's when I realized they thought something was wrong with my friend and were trying to keep her from taking her daughter home. She seemed fine to me, well, until this all started.

Anyway, she was freaking out and finally told the director to give her her daughter and not to do anything like that again. The director told her they'd talked about it before but did give in. However, she asked me to follow them home. We went into the parking lot and talked for about 20 minutes. She looked tired but not as tired as I was the day before when Connor had slept with me for 2 nights and I had spent my sleep time dodged his kicks. She had told me of one incident where they told her she looked wobbly and she had taken an allergy pill but that was months ago and she insists that was the only time it had come up. She said she was tired because her daughter was up last night. She wants me to back her up at a meeting with them Monday, but my opinion was that I'd take my daughter out of MDO if someone treated me like that.

BUT...I have noticed she is somewhat scatterbrained sometimes. There was one day when she told me the same story 4 different times. She has been known to call me repeatedly and talk on and on and on, sometimes telling me the same thing over and over. I just passed it off to her being a little ditsy. I had another friend like that except in her case she tended to forget everything I ever told her including big things. I just thought she was ditsy and self-centered and thought the same thing about this friend. Now I'm wondering if the director knows something I should know. I'm very uncomfortable about the situation although I spent quite some time reassuring her on the phone this afternoon that she seemed fine to me--and today she did. On the second call though we did go over several of the same issues some of which I thought she had already decided on but now seemed to have forgotten. This is troublesome.

I'm going to try and do some heavy-duty praying this weekend and hopefully God is going to intervene and I won't have to deal with it. Since she also wants me to move Connor to a private school I don't think we can afford I do need some intervention!