Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

I never blog anymore but in case anyone is out there (Janet :-) I felt I really should at least put up some Christmas pictures! The bottom 2 are at Fiesta Texas. We've had passes every year since Sean was 4 but never gone to the Holiday in the Park. What a mistake. We had such a great time. The weather was great--in the low 60's--the crowds were small, and the Christmas show excellent! Christmas has been very low key this year. We had Don over briefly for Christmas Eve tamales before he had to run back and play Santa for his undeserving daughters. We went to church and my MIL met us there but somehow I just didn't get much out of it this year and it was a little unorganized *sigh*

Today we hung out forever while I painted the wall to the office (our former loft that we enclosed last year but Mike just textured a few days ago). The outside is done so now I've just got to finish the inside. While I painted he put together a pool table his mother bought the boys then we went to her house for Christmas dinner. Now I'm just ready for some sleep.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Why is it that I feel the need to start each Not Me Monday with the fact that it's been forever since I've done Not Me's. Oh well, a dedicated blogger I'm not.

I did not stay up past midnight most nights last week finishing Halloween costumes for my boys despite the fact it's only been 3 weeks since I actually had an organ removed and I should be resting.

I did not say, yet again, next year I'll have taken a sewing class and this will not happen because I could whip up the costumes in a few hours if I wasn't sewing by hand.

I certainly did not tell my oldest child he had to stop wanting to be things that are hard to buy at the store, certainly not, especially since it was my idea to surprise him with a Sonic the Hedgehog costume!

I know I did not run around at the last minute trying to create a Scooby Doo costume even though Connor had originally said he wanted to wear his monkey costume from last year. Of course I couldn't possibly just buy the darn $40 costume from Target. No I must spend countless hours and gas to drive around and find a fleece outfit I can convert thus saving a few dollars (of course I can remove the spots and then it's just a warm outfit :-)

After all that, I know I didn't go to the Halloween party at the gym because DH complained that he couldn't work out if I stayed home--to rest considering the late nights, surgery and the fact he'd been out of town the preceeding weeks and I'd been alone to take care of the boys.

I certinaly did not NOT post the cute pictures of the boys because the one that best shows their costumes also includes me and I really hate how I look. I'm never that vain!

I did not skip church Sunday, after going to the party at the gym, then go to both Sean's makeup soccer game AND our church's Harvest Festival. I didn't use the excuse that I was too tired to make the 9 AM service and the 11 AM was cutting it too close to the soccer game.

Finally, I didn't respond to many people who asked how I was doing, that I was still waiting for the med's to kick in because I was told they would make me hyper, warm, and skinny but instead I was tired, cold and fat! I would never put myself down that way but since it elicited a laugh I said it several times...

Monday, October 12, 2009

11 Days Post Surgery

So, having my thyroid out was not the most pleasant experience of my life. I do not like general anesthesia and it does not like me. It was really scary to not be able to wake up that first day. So scary I didn't even take any pain medicine until the following morning. Once I finally woke up I was afraid to get that out of it again. I do not like IV's nor do I like getting up every 2 hours to potty because of constant fluids. I do not like being woken up between my 2 hour potty breaks to be stuck and drained or checked for signs of life :-) The good news is there is no cancer. Of course, that makes me seriously wonder if the pain was worth it. The med's are weird. At first I felt energy and was hot (maybe a little too high a dose but nice after years of fatigue) but now I'm cold (it is cooler but not cold here) and tired all day but awake at night. I see my endo this week so I'll ask her about the dose.

Not sure how I'm doing overall (besides the not having cancer part of course). I think I'm up and around too much and tire myself out just trying to do the normal day-to-day stuff. Forunately, I'm doing okay because Mike decided to take care of me the days after my surgery by leaving the house with the children all day. Yes, it was quiet but the first day especially was a little scary being all alone and feeling that bad. I made it through though. Now I'm back to being a single Mommy while he's out of town all week for the next several weeks. Fortunatly, Connor has preschool 2 days of the week and my plan is to come straight back and rest while he's there. Wednesday he has a birthday party but hopefully my rest on Tuesday will have me up for that. Not looking forward to Wednesday evening either when I drop Sean at ckarate as Connor always wants to play on the playground--not sure I can keep up right now!

I actually seem to feel more tired this week than last. Possibly because after 2 years of drought it has rained almost every day for the last several weeks. It's cool, humid, muddy, damp and I'm sure the mold is off the charts. Not to mention, everything is blooming NOW even though it's October. Probably thinks it's Spring weather somewhere other than South Texas. Silly plants but oh, the pollen is evil!

Well I'm off for more Mommy chores. We're in the process of reclaiming and repurposing some rooms so I've got lots of moving of stuff to do!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lots going on today

So Connor started his new preschool today. I ended up moving him to the church Sean went to. It's a bit more of a drive (about 5 minutes farther away) but I'm happier with it. He has one teacher instead of two but only 4 other kids. They may get 2 others but I still prefer the smaller class to a larger class and 2 teachers. Interestingly enough, when I picked him up early at the other MDO there was only 1 teacher in there. Another teacher asked his teacher to cover her class while she took a child to the bathroom as she was alone but of course she couldn't as she was alone as well. I'm pretty sure it was an everyday thing as I knew the other teacher had kids that needed to be picked up from school about that time. I also noticed the one day I picked him up at 3 the asst director was in there so there were 2 adults when the other parents came, hmmmm.....

Anyway, I sent an email because I hate anything that resembles a confrontation--even telling someone I'm pulling my kid out because their new classrooms are awful--and even then I feel guilty as if I did something wrong. Maybe I'm just too overprotective as obviously there were lots of kids still going there. Anyway, my decision is made and if people don't like it I guess I'll live with it!

As for me I had my pre-op appt today. The good news is they are giving me the medication the day after my surgery so I won't have to wait for the pathology report to come back. I hope the level they give me is enough to fight off the fatigue I've read about but at least I'm starting with something so that should help. I didn't realize I had to do so many tests at the hospital. I ended up with X-rays, an EKG and bloodwork. I still have to get a flu shot (I'd held off just in case but the doctor said get one ASAP) I managed to finish everything else in time to quickly eat a late lunch and go get Connor. The lunch isn't sitting well with me but I need to get the boys out for a walk for Sean's school project. It's cool and rainy so it will be a different kind of walk. Off we go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not writing my first Not Me's in eons because I've been too lazy to keep up with my blog.

I certainly have not been trying to keep Connor asleep when I take Sean to school so I can put him in my bed and snooze with him. Not me, I'm up bright and early doing Mommy chores every day.

My downstairs is not an utter disaster because I watched my friend's son this morning and rather than plan lovely activities for him and Connor I let them pull every toy out of every basket, drawer, container...

That said I did not realize the other day that there are toys in 10 rooms in our house and if you count the Elmo toilet seat in the half bath downstairs we officially have toys in EVERY room in our house. So much for designating a toy room (the former dining room) and a game room (WII, Playstation, DVD player etc.)

I am not feeling sleepy after being up for only 5 hours and would not gratefully take a nap if I was willing to let Connor have one. However, since I don't want to be up until 11 reading him stories we will avoid naptime for either of us today!

I am not planning on visiting another MDO this afternoon so I can move my son out of the dark, loud room his current MDO thinks is an appropriate environment for 50 or so children for 5 hours.

I am also NOT still concerned about what our friends who teach at that MDO and are members of the church will think if we do pull Connor out. Okay I'm lying, I do care but I really really don't want to care so much about other's opinions of me. Especially when it comes to the good of my kids.

Finally, after all my complaining about the lack of rain, I am not secretly disgusted by the amount of mud in my backyard and glad the sun is finally shining today. Noooo, we desperately need water even if my yard is too far gone to benefit from it. I'm a giving soul who worries about the good of the community not the fact that the mud is being tracked in and the dog, who hates the house, is lonely enough to try and come in now--sorry, no muddy paws in the house now when you won't come in when you're clean. (I should note we have a patio and detached garage the dog can go in so she's not out in the elements!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MDO, what have they done

I was so excited to go to Connor's MDO orientation last night. We changed churches because his previous MDO only does 3 hours for 3 year olds and is pretty pricey for those 6 hours a week. I thought I was so lucky to get into another program which has a great reputation and is for 5 hours twice a week.

During the summer I received some mail about new classrooms but didn't think much of it. I'd been shown large bright rooms with windows and bathrooms when I picked up the application and dropped off my first check back in March. Last night they proudly (???) sent us over to the old sanctuary to see the only classroom that was complete with the assurance the rest would be done before the following Tuesday. We walked into a room with windows at only the entrance and what looked alot like office wall dividers creating "classrooms". That would be dividers slightly higher than my head where they stopped. That's right no ceiling except the sanctuary ceiling WAY over my head. So essentially Connor will be in a large open area with some dividers and however many kids they are from 18 mo's to 3 years. I didn't count the other class sizes but his has 18 kids in a small space!

I'm so frustrated I've barely cried even though I desperately want to. I've gotten on one waiting list and have a call in to another MDO. If I'd had any idea that this church was going to preempt the MDO rooms to expand it's Pre-K and Kinder (higher tuition perhaps?) I would have NEVER applied. MDO programs are impossible to get into in my part of town and now I'm stuck trying to decide if I should send him to what feels like a large basement full of screaming kids--without nearby bathrooms BTW--or keep him home until I can find somewhere else, which may mean all year. Oh, shoot, NOW I am crying. To top it off they've already got over $300 of our non-refundable money and want another monthly payment of $175 by the 15th of this month.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sacramento Pictures

First stop in Napa

Patty, Kathleen and Michele taking pictures

All of us at an olive oil shop

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rockport pictures

Sean took his fishing very seriously

I love this close-up of Connor. Wish I had his eyelashes!

Mommy has absolutely no idea what the hand signals mean

Look a real picture with Mommy in it--from very very far away....

Sean loved digging on the beach

Connor's Creation

All the Beach Boys

Catch Up Time

Wow I can't believe the summer is over. Sean is almost done with his first week and Connor starts 2 days of MDO week after next. I think that's a little late but I guess it's because Labor Day is so late this year.

The coast trip was awful. The cottage that looked so nice online, while clean on the surface, was infested with very large roaches and at least one large spider. I finally ended up sitting in the middle of the bed I was sharing with Connor with the bathroom light reading all night. I could hear things moving around under the bed and Mike was in the living room/kitchen area chasing several roaches all night. The kids slept through it all. It was pretty close to being trapped in a horror movie for me with my bug phobia. The next day we moved to a nice newer condo on the other side of Rockport. It was very clean and would have been great except the air conditioner which was in the bedroom dripped/ran all night. It was worse than a drip but not consistent enough to be running so just really annoying. Needless to say by the last morning I was a zombie. The kids loved the beach though so we'll probably go back just not to the first place!

My trip to CA on the other hand was lovely. It was so fun to spend time with family. Going to Pat and Jim's house is like going to a bed and breakfast. The house was beautiful, there were mints in the bedrooms, the food was wonderful, wine flowed freely :) and the company was excellent. I really enjoyed the "Washington girls" as well. I haven't seen Rebecca and Patty since I was 15 so it was kind of like meeting new people. I'm lobbying for a TX Reunion next year so we can include more people. Only, they seem to be under the impression I can lead them on a Hill Country tour of our family homesites, etc like Aunt Muriel did. Oops, maybe I can read her book and map something out.

As far as my thyroid I'm having it all taken out on October 1. The ENT felt there was just too much chance of missing cancer cells due to the large size of the 2 nodules biopsied. Not to mention the many other smaller nodules. I'm hoping once the med's are all adjusted I'll actually be a little less tired, however, since there is an adjustment phase I'm going to try and lose a little weight before to avoid ended up worse than I am now before it's over. I surprisingly feel pretty okay about having surgery even though he gave me every worst case scenario including some that have never happened!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And Away We GO!

We leave in the morning for our beach trip. I really hope the cabins look like the photos but I'm thinking of taking my own linens just in case. Is that too weird? You'd think I had OCD or something and believe me, one look at my house would prove I don't. In fact I'd love a dose or two to get me in gear!

I've decided we're going to buy the type food we used to take when we went somewhere. Think soft sandwich bread, lunchmeat, potato chips, soda, paper plates, cups AND (if I can find it) those sticky rolls that come in the little tin. Not only will we save money but the boys can have the closest thing to a camping experience I plan to take part in (I hate tents!)

Now if we can just get it all done by morning we're off! We've got the last baseball game in a few minutes, the ice cream party after, another trip to the store to search for pails and shovels, ironing, packing....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation on the Horizon and other Changes in the Air

Wow, what a busy week it's been as far as changing our lives! Yesterday I finally made a decision on where to stay at Rockport and got the LAST cottage. It's a little smaller than I'd like but it will work. I came up with an idea last night to have Connor and myself sleep in the bedroom and have Mike on the futon with Sean in a sleeping bag. Mike likes to fish late into the night so he and Sean can have their adventure while Connor has privacy in the bedroom (hopefully to keep him asleep). I'm hoping, as other's have experienced, that the sea air will make him sleep like a log! Maybe Mommy can have some Mommy time with a book in the living room once Connor is asleep and the other "kids" are fishing. We'll see...

The other news is we are finally getting a boost in income with Mike starting a new job in 2 weeks. His current employer has cut salaries, cut the car allowance, and raised sales goals so few of the division managers can reach commission level. The new job pays more and includes a vehicle. We may end up trading his truck and my MKX on another leased MKX. This leaves me in a vehicle I'm not crazy about for another 3 years but may be the fastest way to get him out of the truck payment. My vehicle is pretty and luxurious but it's not getting the gas milage and I could really use a little more backseat and cargo room. What I WANT to do is get a nice inexpensive SUV that's about 4-5 years old (per Dave Ramsey) but considering how fast the value of our van we traded last year fell leasing was our best option. We'll see...

Connor is finally doing better on the potty thing. Yesterday we had a few bad accidents but none today so I'm hoping he can go to VBS next week. That will give me extra time to get ready for my trip that weekend. I still need to get my hair done and I haven't even made an appointment yet! Also, I need to lose 20 pounds before our trip this weekend, LOL! Okay, maybe I can go on a fruit diet and lose some water weight...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation--as in we really need one

Where has the summer gone! My trip is in less than 3 weeks and then school starts the week after and we haven't done a darn thing except not sleep and try and potty train! We really really need to go somewhere since I was unknowingly pregnant the last time we had a vacation. Since Connor is 3 that is way too long. Plus they always have the kids wear a vacation shirt the first week of school and poor Sean never has one.

We need somewhere cheap or else I need to get a job. Of course that would involve paying childcare expense so that's pretty much out. I keep wondering if I could call Port Royal and see if they would make us a deal during the week for a few nights. I know most of those condos are empty so you'd think some money is better than no money right?

Oh well, I've been scouring the internet especially in Rockport as Glenn (my FIL) would like some of his ashes spread there. Since there wasn't a funeral or anything at least it would be some closure for Mike and the boys maybe. ugh, I am just not good at planning plus I don't know when Mike could get off or how we can get this all done before school starts 9/24. This has been a sad sad summer with way too few trips to the gym and gym pool plus almost no excursions anywhere including Fiesta TX. Between lack of sleep and PT I just haven't felt like it. Maybe I can make it up to the kids next week...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still tired

That pretty much sums up my summer. I have never been so tired in my life expect possibly right after the boys were born. My doctor insists my thyroid levels are find even though the biopsy was inconclusive but I really wish that was the case. I know I don't sleep well with Mike snoring and Connor up so much but it really is frustrating. I'm frustrated, Mike's annoyed and the boys are totally bored because I'm too tired to take them places. I really wish I had an answer to why I don't have any energy.

Connor is slightly more interested in potty training so I'm hoping, hoping, PRAYING we can get this done before VBS in a few weeks. It's the only one he can go to at his age so I'm hoping he gets to go with Sean. Mommy needs a few hours off! Also, he HAS to be trained before MDO starts in Sept so....pray for us PLEASE!!!!

On a happier note, we had fun at Mike's 25th Reunion Mixer. I only stayed a few hours but Mike got home at 2 AM. I think he had a good time! I also got to see Dawn and Kimberly (college friends) on Sunday and got to go without the kids so it was nice to NOT have to chase children while trying to converse.

On a definitely NOT happy note, Mike's father passed away last Thursday. He's been sick for almost 20 years now and the last few have been pretty bad. His heart finally just stopped Thursday afternoon (he had just been taken into the hospital by EMS). Mike's mother doesn't want a funeral or viewing so it does feel a bit strange, however, it's her choice of course. We may, if she goes through with Glenn's plan, be scattering his ashes down in Rockport in the future. We had planned to take the boys to the beach this summer but may delay a bit until she makes a decision. I think Glenn would like the boys to be involved since he loved his one fishing trip there with Sean. He hasn't been up to another since then and really wanted to spend more time there.

On that note, I've got to get moving. I need ice for Sean's baseball game tonight. It's our turn for snacks! It's his first 5:30 game so it's going to be HOT. It's so HOT that Connor refuses to play soccer. What a waste of money but I guess you can't blame a 3 year old for not wanted to run around in 103 degree heat!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Contemplating God

Sometimes when I can't sleep I play this mental game where I pick a topic then try to think of a word for each letter of the alphabet. A few weeks back I thought to come up with a name or description of God (the Trinity). This is what I came up with.

B--Beloved (okay that's maybe reaching but it flows better than bridegroom)
E--El Shaddai
P--Prince of Peace
U--Undivided (as in the Trinity 3 in 1)
W--Warrior (think His return to the Mount of Olives)

Okay totally reaching on Zion as it's the city of God but I really think the word is beautiful, especially if you sing the song with my W. TX accent that appears at times "I'm marching to ZIIIIyawn, beautiful beautiful ZIIIyawn...

Anyway, I've found my thoughts drifting back to these words and I find they bring me peace. Maybe I've finally learned to meditate on God's Word or in this case my words about God.

Not Me Monday

Oh it's Monday again and I'm way behind. Looks like I'll be linking up to MckMama somewhere in the 100's or higher!

I did not continue to sleep until 9:30 this morning because it's the first night Connor has slept all night since last Tuesday! Not me, I used the extra time to clean my messy house, get dressed, feed Mike and Sean and do my bible study, NOT!

I am not currently listening to the kids fight downstairs but doing this instead because I haven't yet heard crying.

I am also not praying for the day school and MDO starts because I really really need a break from them, not me, I love every moment with my kids.

I haven't skipped church for a month because Connor refuses to potty train and I noticed he was the only one still bringing a backpack last time we went. Not me, I'd never deprive my soul out of embarrassment at my failings as a Mommy.

That said, I didn't continue to ignore Mike and put underwear on Connor praying he will finally decide it's time only to have him leave a special gift for us on the dining room carpet. That time it certainly wasn't because I took the pull up off and left him in just shorts and NO, Connor is not my puppy but rather my 3 yr old child!

Along the PT route, I have certainly not broken all the rules by using non-positive reinforcement (I mean we have been doing this for 6 mo's now!) and reminding Connor that big boys who go to VBS and school (MDO) can't go if they are wearing baby diapers. That would totally go against everything I've read and, hey darn it, why aren't those experts here at my house doing this for me anyway!

I didn't happen to mention to Mike last night that if Connor couldn't go to MDO in the fall because of the PT issue I was just gonna sell him. Seriously, who would want a spoiled rotten, non-sleeping, non-potty trained 3 year old. On the other hand he does have the prettiest eyes and I love his kisses, and when he falls asleep in my arms his little mouth is so cute...Okay, I guess I'll have to keep him even if he goes in Kinder in pull ups!

Wow, I know I didn't just write that many Not Me's about my PT issues with Connor. I'm not one of those boring SAHM's with nothing else to talk about. I have opinions and thoughts on the world today (does going to hell in a handbasket mean anything to you--see that's why I do my Not Me's about PT not the president!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Names

In keeping with the anonymity of so may other Blog Mommies out there I've decided to start using descriptive names for my family instead of our actual names. Henceforth we shall be known respectively as

Hyperdrive-- stopped only by bad choices that requires parental intervention

Mr. Independent-- wants to do everything by himself except sleep at night and potty train

Sir Snores Alot-- the big one, notice how strong and well rested he looks

And of course Mommy Grouchy and Too Tired to Exercise (soon to be known as "Mommy too fat to fit in her clothes" if something doesn't change!)
And yes, this whole blog is just alot of silliness!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday--Finally

Woo hoo, I finally remembered before Monday night!

That said, I have not missed Not Me Monday for months now--but religiously read My Charming Kids to keep up with Stellan and all the fun at MckMama's house!

I have not been ultimately lazy lately. Sleeping in and doing next to nothing on the 4th. Not me, I always have loads of energy.

It could not possibly be because my 3 yr old has yet again been up at night wanting Mommy to sleep with him. As I've said before, I completely sleep train my kids at 6 mo's of age ; )

I have not been making regular trips to the pool with my boys. Not me, the Mommy who refuses to don a swimsuit until she is a size 6 again. That said I certainly have not made sure all my suits include shorts or skirts that at least "help" cover the most offensive parts!

At the pool I have not been going to, I have not become one of those women who thinks "oh, she's too skinny and at least mine are real" No I'd never be so catty and immature to put down others to make my chubby self feel better!

Besides the gym and the multiple sports games I have to attend I haven't retreated into the house due to the 100 degree daily temperatures. Not me, I love the scalding heat!

I have so many more to add but for now I need to get dressed for my exercise class. Maybe I'll get into that size 6 by Christmas. The way the temperatures are in TX this year it may still be in the 90's then!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pincushion Day

Tody I finally, after 10 weeks of waiting, got my biopsy. Not the results mind you, just the fun needle sticking part. The results will be in next week. Anyway, because my nodules are fluid filled my doctor likes to drain them. So instead of a quick little prick to get cells to test, I get repeated pricks drawing out fluid. Not don't picture it, just feel sorry for me: ) My SIl is in town and wonders why they don't just remove the darn thing since I have all these nodules. She thinks I will feel better if they do. I asked but apparently so many people have nodules the doctors here don't remove until they feel it is necessary. Surgery is always scary but it would be nice to feel less tired. Of course it may be something completely different. I'll know in 7 days what they found.

Connor was in my bed again last night. Well I should say our bed but Mike sleeps through almost anything so it was mostly my sleeping that suffered. I know I baby him but I just don't seem to have the energy to sleep train him. Maybe next week, we'll see. They boys are with Mike at the gym right now and I should be napping but I had to get my pumpkins harvested. That's an interesting statement isn't it. It's a Facebook game and it takes more time than I should give it. I'm just waiting for my brother and SIL to get here. They are visiting for a few days but were smart enough not to stay with us--thus missing Connor's middle of the night waking!

I did book my tickets to CA so I guess I will take my mini-vacation in August. I am really really looking forward to it. I need to get motivated because I want to make some special things for my cousins and take with me. Mike has a 3 day weekend so maybe I'll get something done then--ha, ha!

Connor at Fiesta Texas

Sean in his new tournament uniform

Monday, June 8, 2009

My little nudist

And no, I am NOT sharing photos. I was seriously tempted when he was in the swing and things were strategically covered but...

Connor just loves to disrobe. First he went in the backyard this morning to play in the wading pool. I told him to wear his knit shorts that he had on. Next thing I know shorts and undies are laying on the ground and there he is in all his glory. This afternoon, he started in a swimsuit but again, there he goes naked. He swings naked, he sits in the rocks naked, he chases the dog naked. If the trampoline wasn't "out of order" I'm sure he'd jump naked. Why do I put up with it? I'm secretly hoping I can use his nakedness to finally get him potty trained. The kids is Mr. Independent in everything else (except of course sleeping by him self at all times--I still join him about once every week or two) and is completely capable of going potty but he still resists.

Sean was not naked boy except before bathtime. I kept him completely clothed at all times. In fact he also refused to potty train. Hmmm... maybe it's mama who has the issue--okay, I already knew it was me as I'm not good at structure. Therefore, I kept him fully dressed so no one would notice the boy who looked to be 5 or 6 (he was 3 1/2 when he trained, just tall) wearing a diaper. I just knew Connor would be out of diapers before his third birthday. I even heard about a technique to train kids under 1--of course I never tried it as I heard you had to take them to the potty every 30 minutes for up to a year! He can potty by his brother, his dad, on his own, in the backyard, in the neighbors front yard...but if Mommy asks he runs.

Hopefully, we will have a breakthrough soon. I'm trying the underwear route while we are at home. We had to discard one pair completely today (it was small anyway) but the next pair made it until he decided to run naked. Not sure where he pottied after that!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We had the boys birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese a few weeks ago. With 2 May birthdays and Memorial Day getting in the way I decided to combine them. Chuck-e-Cheese was so great to work with us considering that we were getting RSVP's the morning of the party--and it started at 10 AM! We ended up paying for 20 kids but there were closer more like 25-30 if you count siblings. The boys loved it!

Please excuse the lousy photos. When Mike killed the computer virus a few months back it seems to have killed my photo editor as well and I haven't gotten a new program yet!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Typical Deel Famiy photo. Mike and the boys and Mommy behind the camera!

Sweet Connor at the skating rink a few minutes before Mommy (on skates) fell down while holding him and slammed her head into the hard ground. Well, he wanted UP!

Whoo-hooo the boys are in bed so Mommy can watch the final of Make Me a Supermodel all by herself, uninterrupted. I'm so easily excited! What a nerd...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why do I feel like a slacker

Saturday morning 8:30 AM. I'm up and going. Mike is downstairs with Sean. Connor is wanting Mommy so I go in and get him up, dress him, and take him downstairs. Back upstairs to put on minimal makeup for the grocery store. Shorts, t-shirt, glasses (my eye is still not totally healed from the corneal abrasion), start a load of laundry and out the door for the grocery store. Go to the big HEB so I'll have a better choice of produce so it takes an hour and a half to shop. Whew! As I'm heading for the register Mike calls for me to bring motor oil for the lawnmower (YAY, he's going to mow). Come home and unlock the gate and both backdoor locks (they don't match so require 2 keys) with my hands full of groceries. Haul in all the groceries and start unloading.

Sean is still in his jammies. The dishes are in the sink, on the counter, on the table. Put up the groceries. Put the dishes up. Pick up the counters. Give the boys a snack. Pick up miscellaneous trash--bags, boxes, magazines. Clean table. Sit down to have my first meal of the day--tea, cheese, and a peach. Stop to get Sean grapes as Connor has taken over his and won't share. Eat a few more bites and scan the paper. Send the boys outside. Go outside and tell Sean to stop spraying down Connor and the backdoor. Tell Sean to clean out the containers he put dirt and rocks in that need to be used for toy storage. Get Sean soap, a washcloth and give him instructions. Return with a washcloth for Connor. Eat a few more bites. Go outside and tell Sean to clean the containers not sit in them. Wash the fruit and arrange in a bowl for the table. Clean Connor up and get him lunch. Clean Sean up and get him lunch. Dig through the hall closet for gift bags for the birthday party at 4 and the baby shower at 6. Discover the baby shower bag is damaged. Attempt to fix it with a well placed bow. Discover the birthday gift will only fit in the Spongebob bag. Debate wrapping paper. Discard idea as there are only blue, green and red ribbons (just remembered there is ribbon upstairs--too late). Fill Spongebob bag with pink tissue paper to cover the pink car Sharpey (HS Musical) is driving. Hope that is girly enough.

Go upstairs to get blanket to wash. Decide to blog. Get followed by Sean. Threaten him with no party so he'll go downstairs with Connor and give me 5 minutes. Talk to Mike twice on his way home from Walmart. Finally blog for 5 minutes. Think about how I really need to go potty but forgot about it again for the last 30 minutes while I did other things. Look at the disaster which is my home and wonder why it's so messy on the day I planned to clean it.

****SIGH**** wonder why I feel like I've done absolutely nothing today and it's almost time to get ready for the party.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Okay, I'm already totally lost about what is normal and paranoid in this whole Swine Flu thing (please note that the school district 10 minutes from my house along with 3others w/in 30 minutes are closed due to actual confirmed cases). Now I have another situation on my hands that I'm at a total loss about.

Today when I was picking up Connor my friend walked in to get her daughter. I was hoping to see her as she called me earlier. I hadn't called back because I laid down for awhile after my workout class AND helping at Sean's school today (I mentioned that so I won't seem lazy:) We were talking when the director came up to her and took her daughter. Me being oblivious I thought the director was just hugging on her little girl. We headed out and stopped in front of the director's office. That's when I realized they thought something was wrong with my friend and were trying to keep her from taking her daughter home. She seemed fine to me, well, until this all started.

Anyway, she was freaking out and finally told the director to give her her daughter and not to do anything like that again. The director told her they'd talked about it before but did give in. However, she asked me to follow them home. We went into the parking lot and talked for about 20 minutes. She looked tired but not as tired as I was the day before when Connor had slept with me for 2 nights and I had spent my sleep time dodged his kicks. She had told me of one incident where they told her she looked wobbly and she had taken an allergy pill but that was months ago and she insists that was the only time it had come up. She said she was tired because her daughter was up last night. She wants me to back her up at a meeting with them Monday, but my opinion was that I'd take my daughter out of MDO if someone treated me like that.

BUT...I have noticed she is somewhat scatterbrained sometimes. There was one day when she told me the same story 4 different times. She has been known to call me repeatedly and talk on and on and on, sometimes telling me the same thing over and over. I just passed it off to her being a little ditsy. I had another friend like that except in her case she tended to forget everything I ever told her including big things. I just thought she was ditsy and self-centered and thought the same thing about this friend. Now I'm wondering if the director knows something I should know. I'm very uncomfortable about the situation although I spent quite some time reassuring her on the phone this afternoon that she seemed fine to me--and today she did. On the second call though we did go over several of the same issues some of which I thought she had already decided on but now seemed to have forgotten. This is troublesome.

I'm going to try and do some heavy-duty praying this weekend and hopefully God is going to intervene and I won't have to deal with it. Since she also wants me to move Connor to a private school I don't think we can afford I do need some intervention!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I hate Swine Flu!

Ahhhh, I hate this stuff. Three districts within 15 minutes of my house are closed with confirmed cases. So, if I can get to one of those schools in 10 minutes why is Sean's district not closed. Should it be closed. Should I keep the boys home. Am I being paranoid or sane to not take Connor to childcare at the gym where kids are always sick with something. What about MDO? What about my date night Saturday night? Will the babysitter still come? Should the babysitter come--she goes to school in a closed school district? The kids will be sleeping though so won't be exposed. Am I supposed to wear a mask to Midnight Rodeo? Can I find one to go with my new sexy but not too sexy purple shirt? Will it go with my new haircut that I don't like and can't do anything with?

Why is Connor crying and will he sleep tonight or instead kick and roll on me like last night? Why is Sean so hyper tonight and can I get him to go to bed at 6:30--just kidding. Is the UN really trying to make spanking child abuse because I'm seriously thinking of taking it up today.

Finally, even if Connor lets me sleep can I or will I stay up obsessing over the news like I did last night--which explains why I'd just gone to sleep at 1 when Connor woke up. Now, I have to go and deal with the unruly older child who apparently hit the younger one then decided to hammer cap gun whatever they are on Mike's glass desk. Heaven help me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing special

I'm not blogging about anything special today. I just thought since I'm hiding upstairs on the computer I'd actually post something for a change! I picked Sean up a little early today as the first grade had a Fiesta Float Parade. The floats were made from shoe boxes. I usually recycled mine so I had to steal one from Mike's closet that was filled with important items I'm sure I'll hear about moving (golf towels, a scrap of t-shirt with shoe polish on it and those shampoos you get at hotels). Sean insisted on his Sonic stuffed animal riding in it. Since Sonic took up about half the box I didn't really have to do much else. I wrapped it in brightly striped tissue paper and let him glue on some fuzzy balls. We finally scrounged up 4 wheels after searching the house and Mike glued them to tinker toy sticks and stuck them through the box. Lastly I we stuck various bows and ribbons on to cover up holes and such. The parade was really cute--through the halls at his school--and Connor stayed still and watched it all.

We were supposed to have a "playdate" with our neighbor but something came up and they haven't come over. I'm not sure why I call it a playdate since really we just trade houses a few times a week but since we're with the boys I guess it's not exactly the same as when I was little and we just showed up at our friends door to ask them to play. It's great though because Connor loves Ricky as much as Sean and Natalie doesn't mind if my boys are wild and crazy at her house. Good thing too with my wild children.

Poor Connor has had to be at Kidspace twice this week. Yesterday was my day to help Sean's teacher and today I finally got my hair cut. I haven't had my color done since last summer except for when I did it myself. It looked okay in the mirror but when I'd see a photo it was way too red. Now that my hair is fixed I guess I'll have to work on the extra weight I really notice in the photo. Not that I haven't tried. I was going to the gym serious for quite a while but things just keep getting in the way. Not to mention that Connor screams when I leave him. Both boys are home tomorrow (it's Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade, an official school holiday here in SA) but with Connor having been at Kidspace twice and the gym once already I think I'd better not go. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.

Okay, it's way too quiet downstairs. I dread going down to see what's been done. Oh, there's crying so I'd better run. Mike has a business dinner so in 3 more hours I can give them a bath and rest. Why does that sound like an eternity????

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feelin' sorry for myself

I don't know what is with me today. I'm just draggy and feeling down. Actually, it's probably related to my doctor visit yesterday. I really thought she would just check my thyroid and tell me it felt fine like the last visit. Instead it was an ultrasound and, unfortunately, didn't look fine at all. The nodules have filled again and she is concerned about one of the growths that was inconclusive before because it didn't have enough cells. Apparently now it does. To make things even more fun I have to wait until June 30 to even get the biopsy.

Now logically, I know this is because it is not a dire situation. If they find something the will just remove my thyroid. In fact even if they don't they will remove it anyway if the nodule fills after they drain it this time (yuck right!). I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself because it looks like somewhere in the next 3-12 months I will most likely be having it removed. Even worse, my levels are still normal so I can't even blame it for not losing weight even thought I'm really seriously working out right now. Once they remove it I'm stuck on medication the rest of my life and from what I read it's a fun time trying to get the levels right.

Anyway, that's my sob story for today. Not much in the way of problems I know but it's bringing me down. Which in turn makes me feel whiney and ungrateful when I think about people with real problems!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lazy, lazy Mommy

I woke up today tired. COme to think of it I was tired yesterday as well. Maybe I'm coming down with something. Or maybe it has to do with all the oak pollen coming down on my yard!

I dressed for Bible Study but before I dressed Connor I realized I just felt too lousy to go. I'm still draggin 3 hours later. I need to go to Hobby Lobby but I don't feel like changing out of my old sweats. Connor on the other hand, removed his diaper, then went pee-pee in his pants. At this point he just wants to be naked--those are his words--and I'm being too lazy to care. I'm so ready for that child to potty train but he's still resisting. I know I need to consistenly keep him on Miralax for a few weeks but when it does kick in it KICKS IN and I hate to keep giving it to him. Hopefully, if I go 2 weeks straight, leaving the potty training out of the equation, then I can try again. I'd like to have him out of diapers before his birthday in May. Not to mention there is at least 1 and maybe more VBS's he can attend if he's out of diapers.

I didn't sign either boys up for anything this summer to try and save some money. I hope it doesn't backfire. I've already decided we'll spend alot of time at Fiesta TX--paid for already--the gym--not giving it up now that I'm actually going consistently--and our neighborhood pool. Which means I have to come to terms with my body in a swimsuit in public. If I don't we'll spend a fortune on Chuck-e-Cheese and movies this year and negate skipping MDO!

Okay, guess I need to go and dress for Hobby Lobby so I'll have time before Sean is out of school. I also need to call my friend back who has already called twice, once during bedtime last night, since I talked to her for an hour yesterday. She's lovely but she does like to spend hours on the phone and I just don't always have the energy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get up the other night to check MckMama's twitter then comment about it on my FB page.

When Commenting I did not include the web address in case anyone else wanted to learn about Stellan and most important pray for him and his healing.

Because I did not refer to him as MckMuffin and bring up "our" MckMiracle, I did not inadvertently cause a long-lost friend from elementary school to go to the site and mistakenly think I was MckMama and Stellan my child!

I did not cry yesterday looking through MckMama's updated name gallery and marvel at the people around the world that MckMama and Stellan have touched.

I was not laying in bed last night with my mind going a mile a minute when I paused, once again, to pray for Stellan and two very distinct thoughts came, pray and fast.

I have certainly not had little conversations with God about how I spent a year praying for Ethan Powell and that THIS time I think He should decide His miracle will be to let Stellan stay with his family happy, healthy, and whole!

Prayers for Stellan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ticked beyond belief

Actually, another word would better describe my feelings right now. BUT since MckMama used it recently and her situation is truly so much more than mine I'll leave it to her.

I know I never blog anymore. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with FB, although all I ever have time to do is check it and field Sweet Shop requests, and things like THE LAUNDRY. Anyway, this morning I got up when I heard Connor's door close and he didn't come into my bedroom. He had headed downstairs and I could hear the sounds of Sean's DS, and Sean yelling, coming up the stairs. I knew there was no snuggling in my future so I went down as well. Surprisingly, Sean chose eggs over Cinnamon Rolls so I decided to attempt to make a fritatta without a recipe. Fortunately, I made one a few months back so it turned out well (I kind of remembered the ingredients!).

Finally, I sit down to read the paper. It's not much anymore but my family has been reading the Express News since way before I was born. The Life section was fine, not much content but I love the advice columns. Glanced through the Real Estate section to see all the deals on the houses we can't buy because with the market we probably couldn't sell ours anyway--thus the deals on the other houses! All is well until I head to the Metro section.

Page 3 the top of the page reads: GOP backs abortion bill, averts its (sic) eyes from CPS. Hmmmmm.... It's about the bill, hallelujah, to require doctors perform an ultrasound on women considering an abortion including the sound of the heartbeat. The next paragraph reads: "Call it the "harass people coping with tragedy" bill..."

I tried to read the rest of the article but to be honest I was so angry I couldn't see straight. Rather than continuing to work myself up I'm just going to paste in the letter I sent to the editor of the paper (the column was written by the politics/government editor). Since San Antonio is still a fairly conservative family oriented city (not to mention predominantly Catholic) I assume Mr. Richter (the editor of the paper Mr. Stroud wrote the column) will be inundated with calls and emails but at least I had my say. Now if I can just let it go so I can enjoy my newspaper free weekend! And they wonder why people turn to FOX...

(I forgot a heading but since it's directly emailed I think he'll know it's to him)
Okay, that's it, I'm done. You have finally pushed me to the point that I will no longer read your newspaper. I refuse to have a paper in my home that would allow the editorial Mr. Stroud wrote for today's paper.

A tragedy is having your home destroyed by a hurricane, fire, tornado, etc. A tragedy is a fine doctor, family, child, or any innocent person killed by a repeat drunk driver. A tragedy is losing a child, father, mother or anyone you love to a fatal disease. Being pregnant is NOT a tragedy. Choosing to abort an innocent child is a tragedy to me. Even more so, choosing to abort a child when you are young, ill-informed, and brain-washed by our society that it is not a child at all, only to realize after you make this horrible choice that you have in fact aborted your child is a TRAGEDY. This bill will allow pregnant women a better understanding of the choice they are making but still, unfortunately, allows them the right to make that choice.

Allowing an editor to spout off with his pro-abortion, hatefilled rhetoric is a tragedy to me as my family has been loyal Express News readers since before I was even born. I'm so angry and disgusted I'm shaking as I type this. I read only the first two paragraphs to my husband and he immediately told me to cancel our subscription. As he said, we can get any news we want online. Perhaps you should have considered your readership, and lack thereof, before you allowed Mr. Stroud to spout off. Despite the views of the media, I believe many in our beautiful city will find this offensive beyond belief.

Deborah Deel

Okay, shoot, apparently my email spellcheck is lacking and doesn't know the word rhetoric (but Blogspot's does). Wait I even double checked on word. So now I've emailed a letter to the editor of the paper with a spelling typo, drat, drat,drat!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not doing my first Not Me Monday post in forever!

I certainly did not cry and end up leaving church when I was questioned on whether or not my 2 year old was potty trained yet. Apparently they want to move him out of the nursery and "only 2 in the new class aren't already potty trained".

I'm not fairly annoyed because I had already explained the doctor had asked me to wait a month or two until the laxative he prescribed did it's job. I know I should have a more christian attitude, right???

I'm not annoyed because my DH is on the phone with me and I want to finish my Not Me's. I'm a sweet loving wife who always wants to talk to my hubby!

I was not a total whiney baby this weekend because it was my birthday and I was tired of never getting a cake or dinner. I got the cake but still had to make my own birthday dinner anyway. I of course feel terrible about being so whiney , except I don't since I really never make a big deal over it so once in 15 yrs of marriage isn't bad!

I didn't laugh when I saw MckMamas snow spring break picture and realize I was lucky to just have cold and rain over ours.

I didn't feel like dancing for joy on our trip to Fiesta TX (a few hours before the cold weather hit) because both boys LOVED Wiggle World. I didn't contemplate writing a thank you note to the Wiggles over in Australia. I also haven't made mental plans to go every week this summer to make the $250 I've already spent on passes worth it!

I don't totally love Facebook after not signing up for so long. Even if it's just cyber communication it's fun to keep up with family and catch up with old friends. Now if I can just not get my feelings hurt if someone doesn't accept my friend request so I'll feel more free to make them.

I'm not considering cutting my hair to my shoulders because DH loves it long and I just grew it out. I also don't secretly think I'm starting to look like an old lady with long hair!!!!

I'm not so done because DH is out of town and I want to put the boys to sleep early. Darn that Congress and their early DST. It looks like the middle of the day outside still! I'm so not contemplating blackout curtains for ALL the windows including the arch over the door. Oh well, at least the drought killed all the grass so the neighbor won't start his mowing at 8 tonight!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been ignoring my blog lately because I just joined Facebook and it is taking up all of my time! I was asked to get on by some cousins and it has been soooo fun keeping up with their lives. I only have 29 friends though because I'm kind of hesitent to ask someone to "be my friend". Maybe it's that fear of cyber rejection. I think I've been accepted by all the people I've asked. Of course I've only asked one person that I "found" by searching. Everyone else I am either related to, came out of my email addresses (meaning I know them well enough to email them so we must be friends), or came off someone elses FB site. I was surprised at home many people pulled off my email list. Lots of people from my church including the pastor but I only asked a few to be "my friends".

I have only one mystery friend. He asked, I said yes, and I assumed he was in the frat I was a little sister for--he came over from a little sister's page. I don't think he is but he must be a nice guy because he has over 700 friends. Fortunately, I already went over the situation with Mike so he knows why this guy is my "friend". Other than that the only guys are 2 Sig Ep's, Mike's best friend from high school, a friend of Mike's from church (my work-out partner's husband) and relatives. So far only a few people have come looking for me. We'll see if I stay with it better than my blog!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!


This is not my first Not Me Monday in a MONTH! No, I faithfully blog

I did not go over 3 weeks without internet access because I dreaded the hours long call to ATT.

I did not finally call the second time to "show" DH how "EASY" it was because I was annoyed at him. No not me, I'm a loving obedient wife.

I did not then actually have ATT FIX my computer in an hour.

I was not then very late to bible study.

I am not doing 3-4 workouts a week because I don't want to let my friend down even though I'm tired! Did I mention she can run 6 miles, in one run, and she picks killer classes that even the instructor warns are HARD!

I have not, however, lost ANY weight even though I'm exhausted from working out.

I am not worried that I am traumatizing Connor because he cries every time I leave him in childcare. I added it up, it's not more than 11 hours a week total if I go to every workout class, bible study, church and drop him at MDO on Friday. Most kids go every weekday to daycare so I can't be a bad Mom for 11 hours a week right?

I'm not trying to do Bible Study from 10-11:15 AND make it to an 11:15 workout class just to make everyone, except Connor, happy.

I haven't been up since 4 AM because I've decided I probably need my Effexor and it's totally messing with my sleep. I'm going to be wiped out by lunch BUT I'll get a workout in and I got my Not Me's done early.

I'll probably still NOT be in the first column on MckMama's blog because I'll forget to get back on and link.

I didn't finally join Facebook at the request of my cousins because I'm so lonely for family I can't stand it.

I'm not totally overwhelmed by everything Facebook offers. No, I'm totally tech and internet savvy and certainly NOT old!

I'm not doing a study called, Do You Think I'm Beautiful, and blown away by people's perceptions of themselves and wondering why by comparison I don't think I'm beautiful. Okay, is that vain? I spent my whole life trying not to be vain so, hey--maybe that's my issue, hmmm...

Okay, I'm not done for now because I'm going to try and sneak in 30 minutes before it's time to dress Sean.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally back

I'm finally back online. Yeah! I have some things I want to "talk" about but I'm busy signing up for Facebook right now so I'll have to come back later. I ahdn't planned on signing up but I have some cousins who are very active and on it so it's a good way to keep up with them.

I've got some great photos of the boys I need to post so I'll try and download them later. Also, I'll get back with my thoughts on perceptions.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Internet Service

Our computer was attacked by a virus last month and now I have not been able to connect to the Internet for 3 weeks. I can only get online when Mike is home and not using his laptop. I had no idea it would drive me this crazy.

I've been on the phone with ATT and that was not the most fun I have had let me tell you. Due to the language situation, the fact that it was obvious I was not speaking to someone living in the USA, the conversation was so slow. After half and hour of nothing I gave up.

I just got on tonight to pay bills before Mike leaves again in the morning. I downloaded some photos to his laptop so I thought I'd find something of the boys to post.

oops, looks like they didn't download. This is the only one. I think I've posted it before but it's still cute so here goes!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'll play Janet--25 random things about Me

Okay Janet here's 25 things about me.

1. I hate my name, technically I hate my nickname and literally it is because of an adult movie. So, it's not that I want to be formal with you that I go by Deborah
2. I don't know what color my hair really is anymore.
3. My hair has been 4 different colors in the last 7 days.
4. Contrary to what I thought, I do not look good as a REDHEAD
5. I desperately need a pedicure
6. I must have something to read at all times or I get nervous and edgy
7. I can take off wallpaper, replaster a wall, paint and faux finish a wall, AND it looks good
8. The part I hate most about the above process is taping the woodwork before painting
9. I have always been one of those overly proud native Texans in my heart but I try to temper it so as not to be overly obnoxious (even though my family has been in the state since the 1830's and forever--Comanche on my dad's side--respectively)
10. I love pizza
11. Right this minute I would love a Diet Coke or a Margarita
12. I drink up to 3 diet cokes every day--yikes! But only about 1 Margarita a year.
13. I love to dance, especially country, and as hard as this is for me to say, I'm very good at it even though I go about once every 2-3 years.
14. I'm not very high-tech but I love blogging
15. I love hot bubble baths with a good book
16. I love to shop, especially for bargains and I can almost guarantee every piece of clothing in my closet was on sale.
17. When I am tired, sick or tipsy my West Texas accent gets much stronger--and I secretly love that. Hmmmm, does that mean I should drink more? JK
18. I wrote a children's book 8 years ago but have never submitted it to a publisher because I'm afraid it's not good enough.
19. I am way too critical of myself
20. If I could start over I'd have kids way sooner and have at least 1 more.
21. I love to redecorate but I have a hard time getting started
22. People think I am outgoing and friendly but inside I am really shy and lonely
23. When I am thinner and blonder I look exactly like Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blues)
24. I think this time I may really really start something instead of just thinking and worrying about it. So look for info on my children's clothes coming to this blog soon.
25. I wish I knew what God had planned for my life before I chose to veer off course. I also worry because I think I "talk a good game" about Christianity but am lacking in my personal study and worship with Christ. I do have high hopes to work on that relationship this year.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Serious Life Magazine

I wanted you to know about this publication I’m a part of called Serious.Life Magazine. They publish the February issue tomorrow, and I am in their Featured Blog Directory. It’s a very high quality magazine… you’ll really like it.

The magazine includes a lot of great content from bloggers you’ll appreciate, as well as great features, photos and other content. The magazine is owned and published by a family who have seven kids, three adopted and one who has Leukemia ( The magazine gives away a bunch of ads to charities and ministries. Besides great articles on interesting people, there is a lot about family, adoption, personal finance, spiritual life, humor… all sorts of “life” topics.

Again, the subscription is free, and I know you’ll enjoy the magazine, so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.

Serious.Life Magazine

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Listen to your Mother

How many times have I regretted not listening to my mother! My mother wanted to teach me to sew. My mother wanted to teach me to cook. My mother told me to take Home Ec and Spanish. I wasn't that rebellious, but for some reason I never let my mother teach me to sew. I never let my mother teach me to cook. I took Drama and French.

Fast forward past adolescence. I still didn't let my mother teach me to cook. Of course she cooked mostly by recipe and I have those. When I take the time I CAN cook well but I tend to get distracted. Also, I can't find a few key recipes that I want to have. I did want to learn to sew but by the time I asked for guidance my niece had broken the sewing machine. As for the classes in school, well, I'm a SAHM in San Antonio so you can imagine HOW useful Drama and French are to me in my life today.

I'm trying to find something to do to help pay off our debt. I'm not sure where it is our money has gone since Mike actually made more last year than ever before, but go it did. Considering the fact that I have a College education and worked full time for the first 8 years of our marriage, I find it frustrating that I'm not contributing. Add that to the fact that I am not the most domestic goddess that has ever existed. Okay, who am I kidding, I don't invite people over because I don't want them to know how bad I let our house get! Anyway, I am creative so I'd like to find an outlet to bring in a few bucks AND make me feel I'm accomplishing something that lasts more than a day. Cleaning the house, cleaning the clothes, and grocery shopping seem to have to be repeated constantly and give me little sense of worth.

I made some cute T-shirts for Connor's class. I'd been experimenting with ideas for t-shirts, especially Christian t-shirts, for kids when I ran across this great craft idea on another blog--Chronicles of a Mommy, I have her button on my blog and she is such an inspiration. I really liked the way the shirts looked so I made a onsie for Sean's teacher's daughter. It was too cute (wish I'd taken a photo). Anyway, I'd really like to make and sell these shirts but it would be so much easier if I could use a sewing machine. I like the look I get doing it by hand but should I actually get many orders I'd be in trouble fast.

My normal MO would be to fret and worry about this and never do anything about it. However, a new friend recently told me she thought I was really laid back when I mentioned how I am a worrier. Perhaps I have changed in the last 3 years. I'd always wondered how I'd make it without my mother and now, well, perfect or imperfect I'm making it. Short of being late to school a few times and the fact that I tend to pay the bills late, I haven't yet burned down the house or ran away. Maybe this is the time in my life to try something without first imagining all the worst case scenarios (of course how bad could it be with kids shirts!)

I really want to put myself out there and do something, so maybe I will. Sean's teacher keeps asking me to start a business so she can buy from me and there are lots of mommies teaching at his school so... AND I did have a lady in charge of crafts at her MOPS group ask me to call her about organizing a craft when she saw me and Connor in our cross shirts at Target last fall(I used bleach and really didn't do a good job AT ALL, but she still liked them). So I'm thinking about whipping up some shirts and giving her a call since she told me to bring some to sell as well as teach a craft. Don't know if she would still be interested, but maybe I should check.

Of course it would be so much easier if I just knew how to at least sew a straight line on a sewing machine. Yes, Mother, you were SOOO right!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, maybe my hair is a little red. We have horrible lighting in our house and it's still hard to get a good look in the rearview mirror of the car. Guess I need to take a mirror outside to look.

On another note I made it through a kick-boxing class and only had to skip a few moves due to my "skating" injury. Dh is still admitting that he needs to figure out a better response to my emergency situations. On the other hand I thought after the staph infection tried to kill me 2 years ago he would have already figured that one out so we'll see. Anyway, back to the class. The real issue I had was jumping or jarring moves. I can't figure out what I did exactly. Maybe bruised the bone just below the base of my back. Anyway, lunges to the left were also out of the question. Other than that the worst thing was when I got hot and sweat dripped onto the scratches down my side. Ouch!

This weekend we'll be talking to some friends about possibly starting a business venture together. Mike's friend is interested in a Medical Spa (he's in the medical field and owns a home healthcare company rated high nationally for quality!) and his wife loves kids and was talking about a drop-in care place. I know that there are currently 3 within 10 minutes from our neighborhood so I'm going to talk to her about a play place as the nearest one just closed. I know all the issues I had with it and I've talked to and overheard lots of other moms talking about play places.

Now I'm all excited with tons of ideas and I don't know if it's even going anyplace. Plus I want to design it not work there all the time so I don't know how that would work out even if it is a go. I certainly don't want to put Connor in daycare so I can run a place for kids to play so we'll see.

Oh yeah, Janet tagged me. I'll deal with that in the morning since my keyboard is way too loud and I don't want to wake Connor. I also need a laptop along with a million other little things around here. But with property taxes due NEXT week I'm about to send most of our savings to the state.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Very Frustrating Day

I wonder how many people are feeling the same type of frustration I am today. Today in the US we have our first bi-racial President. I totally get that it is a big deal that our country has finally gotten to the point that we can elect someone who does not fall somehow into the same "box" as previous presidents. I couldn't vote for him. I am a Republican and would like to say I don't vote based on party but that would pretty much be a lie now days. I feel very strongly about a few issues and I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone who would strengthen the party that is as polar opposite from my beliefs as is possible.

Other than those few beliefs I am actually pretty liberal. Just don't tell my husband. No seriously, I think I inherited it from my mother. Since I have become a mother myself I personally think it is appalling that the government spends so much money on "Pork" which should be termed payback for votes and contribution. Seriously, did you know one of the smaller things I read about recently was $500K for Tea Pot Museum. Not that I have anything against tea or pots for that matter (provided you're not talking about marajuana) but come on, there are children with nothing to eat! As a friend pointed out that might be their parent's fault. Okay, that's true but in our nation we should take away some of the money wasted by Congress on stupid stuff and do something about children in need (my husband will tell you not to let me get on my soapbox about NEA grants to individual artists--I mean come on get a job waiting tables and paint your pictures at night already). And if that means taking them away from irresponsible parents that do not provide them with basic needs (if it is through their parent's lazines or lifestyle choices) then so be it. We've had way top many children returned to rehabilitated parents who them beat them to death for me to think it is necessarily worse for a child to be raised by someone else.

I'm not even, shhh this one is a secret though, totally against some way for everyone to be provided healthcare provided they are doing something worthwhile in the world. Working, raising children, making some sort of contribution to society. I don't think Europe necessarily has it right though. I'm afraid something that made sense requires entirely too much plain old common sense than may be possible so I don't know how it could be done.

Now, why do I feel frustrated. I'm open to plenty of somewhat "socialistic" measures by government. I should have been about to vote for President Obama. Unfortunately, the issue which in my heart MUST govern all my political decisions is Abortion. This is shockingly not the mindset I was raised with. This is something I came to feel strongly about as an adult wondering who decided when a baby is a baby and why it's a baby if it's wanted and a fetus or inconvenience when it's not. I couldn't figure out the answer so I decided there was something wrong with what the world was feeding me as an okay thing. After having children and learning about the developement of a child and then learning more about the numbers, procedure and Lord Help Us All, what Partial-birth Abortion is, honestly just the thought that we are allowing this to be done is beyond, well I have no words.

Because President Obama is so extreme Pro-Abortion I could not vote for him if he was Black (African American? someone PLEASE tell me which is not offensive because I really really care), Asian, Anglo, purple, striped or a little green man from Mars. BUT because I did not vote for him I have this nagging fear that people will think I am racist. Or even perhaps that part of me is.

I was not raised by racist parents. And when I say that I don't mean Archie Bunker racists, I mean those anglo people who claim to be open-minded but in their home, with their friends, or just in their heart they really judge people by race. I'm not perfect by any means myself. I admit to, when dealing with a certain type of person within a race (every race has them as far as I'm concerned) I may not have in my mind used a racist remark. I don't think any race, nationality, culture, etc. can ever be defined by stereotypes but you know,you just get annoyed and think an ugly thought. My mother got through to my father back in the 60's about Dr. King by appealing to his Christian beliefs. If she could get a man born in 1912 in Texas to GET that God loves everyone and no one is better than any other she could certainly teach her child that.

That is why today I want to be happy. I want to celebrate that maybe we are slowly moving toward being colorblind. I can't. I can't because I am concerned about what is to come. I can just pray that President Obama surprises me. I can pray we make it through the next 4 to 8 years with not too much more moral damage being done to our world. The one my precious boys are growing up in. And I can hope that people understand why I couldn't support the current president with my vote. And I can pray for a world where it really doesn't matter what shade you are but as I tell my Sean, what's in your heart...

Monday, January 19, 2009


****Update--my hair is NOT Red, and this is not a NOT as in Not Me Monday either. Darn it, I finally decide to have a freeing, don't think too much moment and it isn't happening. I should note my hair was much blonder than in the family photo on the blog. It really was colored too dark that day, especially since she highlighted it with way top light highlights by contrast. Since it cost $150 I've been doing it myself the last 6 months. It goes from dark blond to light blond to dark blond again. Red is in this year so I thought why not embrace my red that I'm always trying to color away with Ash. My hair is now more of a medium blond with red highlights. Maybe it will look more red outside.

Hmmmm....I would say this does not bode well for my tattoo idea. For those many souls who have told me I could always pass it off as an earlier youthful indiscretion, I should point out that not many girls in West TX has tattoos back in the 80's--yes I am that old and yes I have a 2 year old. On the other hand maybe I can somehow learn to lie about my age. My mother was really strict about that whole "Thou shall not lie" thing so I have trouble with it. Oh wait, I guess that means God would too....*****

Did you know red haircolor is purple when you put it on. Oh my gosh, what have I done. 10 more minutes and I'll know!

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This weekend I certainly did not go to a skating party and think that I would be able to not only skate but help teach my kids even though I haven't really skated since high school.

Once there, I certainly did not discover the wheels were much more rolly that I expected and my balance was much worse than I expected. It had to be the loose wheels right.

I certainly did NOT carry my 2 year old, while on skates, because he started whining. AND even though I was on the carpet I did not carry my 2 year old, while on skates, and then use my other hand to help my 7 year old past the opening I DID NOT suddenly feel my skate sliding forward. Because said 2 year old was NOT on my hip, while I was on skates, I certainly did not have no way to grab the rail. That said, I did not fall flat on my back, scraping it on that useless concrete half-wall, hit my head on the floor all the while NOT holding said 2 year old who also did not fall with me.

I am not now really fed up with the world including some people in my family because other than removing said 2 year old to discover he was not injured it is NOT possible that NO ONE helped me up or checked that I was okay. I, of course, do not have scrapes down my back and what feels like a bruised tailbone among other bruises.

Okay, I am not using this forum to complain and discovering that 2 days later this is still NOT an issue.

I did not, however, have another issue that has NEVER happened to me (this never is real despite the fact that I have 2 kids that were determined not to face the world at their birth and you do not even want to know what level episiotomy--spellcheck is not working and I cannot spell this word!-- I had) because I did not kinda have to find a restroom before the incident and really needed one after. Did you know that this skating rink doesn't have doors on their stalls in the girls room. I do now!

I did not then proceed to tell other family members who shall remain nameless because apparently I am not still miffed at them, that I was going out to the car and might leave to get a soda because of the issue I have never had happen before.

I did not then drive to Macy's up the street(they WERE having a sale of course) and proceed to purchase a lovely new pair of jeans which I did not need anyway because I only have 3 pair that fit. Said family members still haven't noticed the new jeans!

I have not decided that I need to shake my life up a little and enjoy it more. Thus I am not about to drive to the store to purchase a demi-permenant haircolor in RED. I have fought my red highlights since high school so why on earth would I give in and go red now.

I am not also really truly for the first time considering getting that tattoo I've been dreaming about for the last few years. I think maybe I've decided if the people at church have a problem with me getting an ICTHUS on my ankle they need to cut loose a little. We'll see is I really do not go through with this one!

Okay, I did not use this whole forum to not only admit something so embarrassing about myself, and still manage to complain about certain members of my family even though I did not already have to delete a post where I complained much more indepth.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not spend most of the weekend laying around the house watching kid shows with Connor. No, with Mike and Sean gone I was totally efficient and not only got loads of chores done I worked out too, NOT!

That said, part of the reason I was lazy was not because my little Connor chose to wake up before 6 each day--well before 6 Sunday joining me in bed around 5 AM. Being a good Mommy I of course sent him straight back to bed. I did not provide him with juice then proceed to let him sleep on me on both the couch and my bed because I was TIRED!

I did not run out to the the mess in the garage yesterday in my only fit of energy and find the antique guns Mike accused me of losing. I did not, however, fail to find the DVDs he brought home from Iraq. Of course, it might not possibly be because I was afraid of something collapsing on myself or Connor or having my finger cut off when I found saw blades laying in a dark box I was digging through in the corner.

I did not spend too many hours last night searching for a background for my blog because I deleted the background and The Cutest Blog on the Block has been down for days. Once I found something that actually worked with my template I did not then spend more time adjusting the colors to where I liked them. I did not then watch the movie I got 2 days ago so I could return it and thus go to bed at 2 AM. I know better than that since Connor was on a roll waking up early!

I did not check out when Mike and Sean arrived home at 2 this afternoon. Essentially, we were splitting the load each having a child so I have no reason to be so tired now. Of course he did get the one who sleeps...

I did not just spend 15 minutes crying over the video on Bring the Rain, , and reread the story of Audrey again to compound the tears. I am not completely blown away by Angie and others who show so much strength, courage, and faith in God. I do not feel humbled and so unworthy because I let so little get me down and wonder why God's "picking on me" when He's given me so much.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Photos

Let's see, I got the Halloween photos up around Christmas so I'm actually a month ahead this time. Notice I'm not in any of the photos. That is because 1. I'm taking the pictures and 2. I still hate the way I look in pictures. At this rate I'll be lucky to lose enough weight to get in the boys wedding pictures. Of course by then I really will need some cosmetic surgery so maybe I'll have to take those as well, LOL!

And it looks like I put them on in backwards order but I'm going to leave them as is. The first which should be last is everyone's favorite gift. The Wii from Mike's parents and Guitar Hero's from me to Mike.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Connor and Mommy, Home Alone

Dh and Sean are getting ready to go deer hunting. Yes, I said deer hunting and yes I'm thinking about painting Sean florescent orange before they leave. Mike assures me he will be safe but as hyper as he's been this afternoon I can just imagine him running through the forest as hunters fire! Okay, really, it's okay. Thousands of boys have gone deer hunting with their father's at the age of 7 and survived--right!?!?

Anyway, that will leave me and a very unhappy Connor at home until Sunday afternoon. I know he's going to be unhappy that both brother and Daddy are not only gone but gone somewhere together that he didn't get to go to. I'm hoping for an early night as I picked him up at MDO at 2 and woke him up. I will probably skip naptime tomorrow and go for a 7 PM bedtime just to have some time alone to myself.

Okay, Janet, Latin Fusion is this fun exercise class at my gym. I like Pilates but they charge per class for it and I'm already paying a ridiculous amount per month already. My friend tried the class and got me to go. It incorporates Latin dance moves (remember Baby in Dirty Dancing learning the steps--that kind) with a little hip-hop and belly dancing. I really like the instructor and I'm loving that it's starting to feel less like exercise and more like fun even though I'm drenched when it's over. That said, my instructor was out today and the one that sub'd was more into hip-hop and was too fast to change steps. So I was all excited and then let down but because she ended early I got the grocery shopping done before I had to pick up Connor from MDO. Incidentally, I found that the class can be applied to real life when they played a song at the New Years Eve party and I knew the steps. Mike didn't so I just danced around him while he wiggled as usual. It was fun that I recognized the beat. Of course without the glass of wine I probably wouldn't have done it.

Anyway, I'm just trying to get on track with my exercise and the clutter. The house is much cleaner and we've gotten rid of a couch and chair. I've got more to sell in the garage but I'll wait until Mike is back to do that. I really need to paint the bedrooms and redecorate as Connor's is still a nursery theme and Sean's is more preschool. I should trade rooms but Sean doesn't want to and his is over the kitchen so that isn't a good place for Connor if I want him to sleep! I'm planning to paint all 3 rooms blue. Connor will get chocolate accent paint and I have the cutest circles that stick up but are moveable that will go on the upper half of the walls. I'm planning to buy some Star Wars stick up characters for Sean. It will also be blue because it's for Sean and everything MUST be blue for Sean. I want to paint my room blue as well because it's the same brown as the rest of the house and I want it to be more restful.

Of course, first I must buy the paint (I'm getting the Freshaire brand from Home Depot because it is VOCC free), then tape--I HATE taping, then actually paint when both boys aren't underfoot. Hmmm....hopefully I'll get this done before we decide to try and sell though house again in a few years, LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

First and foremost, I didn't neglect to blog for an entire week so that my last blog was actually a Not Me Monday blog!

That said I would have lots of excuses for doing so as DH was not at home all week and didn't take plenty of time off to play with the boys.

My children, including the tall one that pays the bills, are not now Wii obsessed. Not my family, and I would certainly not allow them to play for hours on end. I insist on reading, writing, and beneficial activities for my kids.

Our poor little doggy is not feeling neglected for that Wii the boys are not obsessed with.

I did not have 3 glasses of wine New Years Eve and ask DH if I acted silly. First, I never drink (okay that one is almost true) and if I did, I would know that 3 drinks in 4 hours with food would not make me silly. I am NOT overly concerned with how people perceive me. Not at all, especially at a party where I knew all of 3 people and that includes DH.

I have not fallen in love with my Latin Fusion exercise class and I certainly did not ask the instructor if she does it more than once a week. I am not considering asking DH to put the kids to bed on Mondays so I can take the 8 PM class too.

I am also not secretly intrigued because she throws in a few belly dancing moves because I have always thought it would be fun to learn to belly dance--for the exercise of course!

I did not fail yet again to make enchiladas tonight. I am also not really regretting not letting my mother teach me to make Mexican food so I'd know how to get those darn corn tortillas not to tear every time! I did not tell DH that at least my chili is good because that would be admitting I can cook SOMETHING right.

I am not dreading bedtime because Connor took a nap so will be impossible to get to sleep tonight.

And no, I did not just admit I keep my child up some days so bedtime will go easy and be early because I want some "me time".