Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lots going on today

So Connor started his new preschool today. I ended up moving him to the church Sean went to. It's a bit more of a drive (about 5 minutes farther away) but I'm happier with it. He has one teacher instead of two but only 4 other kids. They may get 2 others but I still prefer the smaller class to a larger class and 2 teachers. Interestingly enough, when I picked him up early at the other MDO there was only 1 teacher in there. Another teacher asked his teacher to cover her class while she took a child to the bathroom as she was alone but of course she couldn't as she was alone as well. I'm pretty sure it was an everyday thing as I knew the other teacher had kids that needed to be picked up from school about that time. I also noticed the one day I picked him up at 3 the asst director was in there so there were 2 adults when the other parents came, hmmmm.....

Anyway, I sent an email because I hate anything that resembles a confrontation--even telling someone I'm pulling my kid out because their new classrooms are awful--and even then I feel guilty as if I did something wrong. Maybe I'm just too overprotective as obviously there were lots of kids still going there. Anyway, my decision is made and if people don't like it I guess I'll live with it!

As for me I had my pre-op appt today. The good news is they are giving me the medication the day after my surgery so I won't have to wait for the pathology report to come back. I hope the level they give me is enough to fight off the fatigue I've read about but at least I'm starting with something so that should help. I didn't realize I had to do so many tests at the hospital. I ended up with X-rays, an EKG and bloodwork. I still have to get a flu shot (I'd held off just in case but the doctor said get one ASAP) I managed to finish everything else in time to quickly eat a late lunch and go get Connor. The lunch isn't sitting well with me but I need to get the boys out for a walk for Sean's school project. It's cool and rainy so it will be a different kind of walk. Off we go!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not writing my first Not Me's in eons because I've been too lazy to keep up with my blog.

I certainly have not been trying to keep Connor asleep when I take Sean to school so I can put him in my bed and snooze with him. Not me, I'm up bright and early doing Mommy chores every day.

My downstairs is not an utter disaster because I watched my friend's son this morning and rather than plan lovely activities for him and Connor I let them pull every toy out of every basket, drawer, container...

That said I did not realize the other day that there are toys in 10 rooms in our house and if you count the Elmo toilet seat in the half bath downstairs we officially have toys in EVERY room in our house. So much for designating a toy room (the former dining room) and a game room (WII, Playstation, DVD player etc.)

I am not feeling sleepy after being up for only 5 hours and would not gratefully take a nap if I was willing to let Connor have one. However, since I don't want to be up until 11 reading him stories we will avoid naptime for either of us today!

I am not planning on visiting another MDO this afternoon so I can move my son out of the dark, loud room his current MDO thinks is an appropriate environment for 50 or so children for 5 hours.

I am also NOT still concerned about what our friends who teach at that MDO and are members of the church will think if we do pull Connor out. Okay I'm lying, I do care but I really really don't want to care so much about other's opinions of me. Especially when it comes to the good of my kids.

Finally, after all my complaining about the lack of rain, I am not secretly disgusted by the amount of mud in my backyard and glad the sun is finally shining today. Noooo, we desperately need water even if my yard is too far gone to benefit from it. I'm a giving soul who worries about the good of the community not the fact that the mud is being tracked in and the dog, who hates the house, is lonely enough to try and come in now--sorry, no muddy paws in the house now when you won't come in when you're clean. (I should note we have a patio and detached garage the dog can go in so she's not out in the elements!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MDO, what have they done

I was so excited to go to Connor's MDO orientation last night. We changed churches because his previous MDO only does 3 hours for 3 year olds and is pretty pricey for those 6 hours a week. I thought I was so lucky to get into another program which has a great reputation and is for 5 hours twice a week.

During the summer I received some mail about new classrooms but didn't think much of it. I'd been shown large bright rooms with windows and bathrooms when I picked up the application and dropped off my first check back in March. Last night they proudly (???) sent us over to the old sanctuary to see the only classroom that was complete with the assurance the rest would be done before the following Tuesday. We walked into a room with windows at only the entrance and what looked alot like office wall dividers creating "classrooms". That would be dividers slightly higher than my head where they stopped. That's right no ceiling except the sanctuary ceiling WAY over my head. So essentially Connor will be in a large open area with some dividers and however many kids they are from 18 mo's to 3 years. I didn't count the other class sizes but his has 18 kids in a small space!

I'm so frustrated I've barely cried even though I desperately want to. I've gotten on one waiting list and have a call in to another MDO. If I'd had any idea that this church was going to preempt the MDO rooms to expand it's Pre-K and Kinder (higher tuition perhaps?) I would have NEVER applied. MDO programs are impossible to get into in my part of town and now I'm stuck trying to decide if I should send him to what feels like a large basement full of screaming kids--without nearby bathrooms BTW--or keep him home until I can find somewhere else, which may mean all year. Oh, shoot, NOW I am crying. To top it off they've already got over $300 of our non-refundable money and want another monthly payment of $175 by the 15th of this month.