Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation--as in we really need one

Where has the summer gone! My trip is in less than 3 weeks and then school starts the week after and we haven't done a darn thing except not sleep and try and potty train! We really really need to go somewhere since I was unknowingly pregnant the last time we had a vacation. Since Connor is 3 that is way too long. Plus they always have the kids wear a vacation shirt the first week of school and poor Sean never has one.

We need somewhere cheap or else I need to get a job. Of course that would involve paying childcare expense so that's pretty much out. I keep wondering if I could call Port Royal and see if they would make us a deal during the week for a few nights. I know most of those condos are empty so you'd think some money is better than no money right?

Oh well, I've been scouring the internet especially in Rockport as Glenn (my FIL) would like some of his ashes spread there. Since there wasn't a funeral or anything at least it would be some closure for Mike and the boys maybe. ugh, I am just not good at planning plus I don't know when Mike could get off or how we can get this all done before school starts 9/24. This has been a sad sad summer with way too few trips to the gym and gym pool plus almost no excursions anywhere including Fiesta TX. Between lack of sleep and PT I just haven't felt like it. Maybe I can make it up to the kids next week...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still tired

That pretty much sums up my summer. I have never been so tired in my life expect possibly right after the boys were born. My doctor insists my thyroid levels are find even though the biopsy was inconclusive but I really wish that was the case. I know I don't sleep well with Mike snoring and Connor up so much but it really is frustrating. I'm frustrated, Mike's annoyed and the boys are totally bored because I'm too tired to take them places. I really wish I had an answer to why I don't have any energy.

Connor is slightly more interested in potty training so I'm hoping, hoping, PRAYING we can get this done before VBS in a few weeks. It's the only one he can go to at his age so I'm hoping he gets to go with Sean. Mommy needs a few hours off! Also, he HAS to be trained before MDO starts in Sept so....pray for us PLEASE!!!!

On a happier note, we had fun at Mike's 25th Reunion Mixer. I only stayed a few hours but Mike got home at 2 AM. I think he had a good time! I also got to see Dawn and Kimberly (college friends) on Sunday and got to go without the kids so it was nice to NOT have to chase children while trying to converse.

On a definitely NOT happy note, Mike's father passed away last Thursday. He's been sick for almost 20 years now and the last few have been pretty bad. His heart finally just stopped Thursday afternoon (he had just been taken into the hospital by EMS). Mike's mother doesn't want a funeral or viewing so it does feel a bit strange, however, it's her choice of course. We may, if she goes through with Glenn's plan, be scattering his ashes down in Rockport in the future. We had planned to take the boys to the beach this summer but may delay a bit until she makes a decision. I think Glenn would like the boys to be involved since he loved his one fishing trip there with Sean. He hasn't been up to another since then and really wanted to spend more time there.

On that note, I've got to get moving. I need ice for Sean's baseball game tonight. It's our turn for snacks! It's his first 5:30 game so it's going to be HOT. It's so HOT that Connor refuses to play soccer. What a waste of money but I guess you can't blame a 3 year old for not wanted to run around in 103 degree heat!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Contemplating God

Sometimes when I can't sleep I play this mental game where I pick a topic then try to think of a word for each letter of the alphabet. A few weeks back I thought to come up with a name or description of God (the Trinity). This is what I came up with.

B--Beloved (okay that's maybe reaching but it flows better than bridegroom)
E--El Shaddai
P--Prince of Peace
U--Undivided (as in the Trinity 3 in 1)
W--Warrior (think His return to the Mount of Olives)

Okay totally reaching on Zion as it's the city of God but I really think the word is beautiful, especially if you sing the song with my W. TX accent that appears at times "I'm marching to ZIIIIyawn, beautiful beautiful ZIIIyawn...

Anyway, I've found my thoughts drifting back to these words and I find they bring me peace. Maybe I've finally learned to meditate on God's Word or in this case my words about God.

Not Me Monday

Oh it's Monday again and I'm way behind. Looks like I'll be linking up to MckMama somewhere in the 100's or higher!

I did not continue to sleep until 9:30 this morning because it's the first night Connor has slept all night since last Tuesday! Not me, I used the extra time to clean my messy house, get dressed, feed Mike and Sean and do my bible study, NOT!

I am not currently listening to the kids fight downstairs but doing this instead because I haven't yet heard crying.

I am also not praying for the day school and MDO starts because I really really need a break from them, not me, I love every moment with my kids.

I haven't skipped church for a month because Connor refuses to potty train and I noticed he was the only one still bringing a backpack last time we went. Not me, I'd never deprive my soul out of embarrassment at my failings as a Mommy.

That said, I didn't continue to ignore Mike and put underwear on Connor praying he will finally decide it's time only to have him leave a special gift for us on the dining room carpet. That time it certainly wasn't because I took the pull up off and left him in just shorts and NO, Connor is not my puppy but rather my 3 yr old child!

Along the PT route, I have certainly not broken all the rules by using non-positive reinforcement (I mean we have been doing this for 6 mo's now!) and reminding Connor that big boys who go to VBS and school (MDO) can't go if they are wearing baby diapers. That would totally go against everything I've read and, hey darn it, why aren't those experts here at my house doing this for me anyway!

I didn't happen to mention to Mike last night that if Connor couldn't go to MDO in the fall because of the PT issue I was just gonna sell him. Seriously, who would want a spoiled rotten, non-sleeping, non-potty trained 3 year old. On the other hand he does have the prettiest eyes and I love his kisses, and when he falls asleep in my arms his little mouth is so cute...Okay, I guess I'll have to keep him even if he goes in Kinder in pull ups!

Wow, I know I didn't just write that many Not Me's about my PT issues with Connor. I'm not one of those boring SAHM's with nothing else to talk about. I have opinions and thoughts on the world today (does going to hell in a handbasket mean anything to you--see that's why I do my Not Me's about PT not the president!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Names

In keeping with the anonymity of so may other Blog Mommies out there I've decided to start using descriptive names for my family instead of our actual names. Henceforth we shall be known respectively as

Hyperdrive-- stopped only by bad choices that requires parental intervention

Mr. Independent-- wants to do everything by himself except sleep at night and potty train

Sir Snores Alot-- the big one, notice how strong and well rested he looks

And of course Mommy Grouchy and Too Tired to Exercise (soon to be known as "Mommy too fat to fit in her clothes" if something doesn't change!)
And yes, this whole blog is just alot of silliness!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday--Finally

Woo hoo, I finally remembered before Monday night!

That said, I have not missed Not Me Monday for months now--but religiously read My Charming Kids to keep up with Stellan and all the fun at MckMama's house!

I have not been ultimately lazy lately. Sleeping in and doing next to nothing on the 4th. Not me, I always have loads of energy.

It could not possibly be because my 3 yr old has yet again been up at night wanting Mommy to sleep with him. As I've said before, I completely sleep train my kids at 6 mo's of age ; )

I have not been making regular trips to the pool with my boys. Not me, the Mommy who refuses to don a swimsuit until she is a size 6 again. That said I certainly have not made sure all my suits include shorts or skirts that at least "help" cover the most offensive parts!

At the pool I have not been going to, I have not become one of those women who thinks "oh, she's too skinny and at least mine are real" No I'd never be so catty and immature to put down others to make my chubby self feel better!

Besides the gym and the multiple sports games I have to attend I haven't retreated into the house due to the 100 degree daily temperatures. Not me, I love the scalding heat!

I have so many more to add but for now I need to get dressed for my exercise class. Maybe I'll get into that size 6 by Christmas. The way the temperatures are in TX this year it may still be in the 90's then!