Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Here

Hard to believe but 3 months in and we're still in NC. I don't know if it's easier or just more familiar. At least I can find my way to 2 Target stores now. On the other hand I don't like them as much as the 2 stores that were within 5 miles of our house in San Antonio. The boys are both in school now so I have a few hours to myself during the week. Unfortunately, the church where Connor is takes about 20 minutes to get to and with only 3 hours I pretty much stay in the area. I'm making it to the gym more (5 minutes from his school) but it's not good for our bank account as I have lots of time to waste---shopping! Also, our house is suffering because once I get home I don't feel like cleaning. Of course with his bad sleeping and my increased allergies I don't feel like doing much most of the time anyway. It is getting a little dusty in here.

We have taken our first vacation and with it taken advantage of our new proximity to the everything on the East Coast. To play it safe we had a beach trip to Myrtle Beach. I really recommend it! It's a great family destination and I think it would have been fun before we had kids as well. We stayed on Kingston Plantation which is owned by Hilton. It has a couple of hotels but we stayed in a 2 bedroom condo. For 3 nights it was just over $300! We got a special rate with one night free and were concerned it wasn't a great "room" but it turned out to be really nice and only a few minutes to the waterpark and beach. We also enjoyed the Boardwalk area (the one we visited but apparently there are several). Next time we go I also want to visit Dolly Parton's western dinner show. I think it looks like something the kids might like with the horses and riders.

Anyway, we're going to try and visit some other destinations we've always wanted to see. Guess we'd better hurry, you never know when Mike's going to end up getting another job back in TX ;-)

Myrtle Beach Aquarium --lots of Fun!

We have no idea why Connor likes to "throw" gang signs. Usually it's both boys and I swear they don't watch rap videos or "gangsta" movies!

Not sure what a dinosaur has to do with a boardwalk but the boys loved it!

And finally a picture actually taken AT the beach