Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not get up the other night to check MckMama's twitter then comment about it on my FB page.

When Commenting I did not include the web address in case anyone else wanted to learn about Stellan and most important pray for him and his healing.

Because I did not refer to him as MckMuffin and bring up "our" MckMiracle, I did not inadvertently cause a long-lost friend from elementary school to go to the site and mistakenly think I was MckMama and Stellan my child!

I did not cry yesterday looking through MckMama's updated name gallery and marvel at the people around the world that MckMama and Stellan have touched.

I was not laying in bed last night with my mind going a mile a minute when I paused, once again, to pray for Stellan and two very distinct thoughts came, pray and fast.

I have certainly not had little conversations with God about how I spent a year praying for Ethan Powell and that THIS time I think He should decide His miracle will be to let Stellan stay with his family happy, healthy, and whole!

Prayers for Stellan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ticked beyond belief

Actually, another word would better describe my feelings right now. BUT since MckMama used it recently and her situation is truly so much more than mine I'll leave it to her.

I know I never blog anymore. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with FB, although all I ever have time to do is check it and field Sweet Shop requests, and things like THE LAUNDRY. Anyway, this morning I got up when I heard Connor's door close and he didn't come into my bedroom. He had headed downstairs and I could hear the sounds of Sean's DS, and Sean yelling, coming up the stairs. I knew there was no snuggling in my future so I went down as well. Surprisingly, Sean chose eggs over Cinnamon Rolls so I decided to attempt to make a fritatta without a recipe. Fortunately, I made one a few months back so it turned out well (I kind of remembered the ingredients!).

Finally, I sit down to read the paper. It's not much anymore but my family has been reading the Express News since way before I was born. The Life section was fine, not much content but I love the advice columns. Glanced through the Real Estate section to see all the deals on the houses we can't buy because with the market we probably couldn't sell ours anyway--thus the deals on the other houses! All is well until I head to the Metro section.

Page 3 the top of the page reads: GOP backs abortion bill, averts its (sic) eyes from CPS. Hmmmmm.... It's about the bill, hallelujah, to require doctors perform an ultrasound on women considering an abortion including the sound of the heartbeat. The next paragraph reads: "Call it the "harass people coping with tragedy" bill..."

I tried to read the rest of the article but to be honest I was so angry I couldn't see straight. Rather than continuing to work myself up I'm just going to paste in the letter I sent to the editor of the paper (the column was written by the politics/government editor). Since San Antonio is still a fairly conservative family oriented city (not to mention predominantly Catholic) I assume Mr. Richter (the editor of the paper Mr. Stroud wrote the column) will be inundated with calls and emails but at least I had my say. Now if I can just let it go so I can enjoy my newspaper free weekend! And they wonder why people turn to FOX...

(I forgot a heading but since it's directly emailed I think he'll know it's to him)
Okay, that's it, I'm done. You have finally pushed me to the point that I will no longer read your newspaper. I refuse to have a paper in my home that would allow the editorial Mr. Stroud wrote for today's paper.

A tragedy is having your home destroyed by a hurricane, fire, tornado, etc. A tragedy is a fine doctor, family, child, or any innocent person killed by a repeat drunk driver. A tragedy is losing a child, father, mother or anyone you love to a fatal disease. Being pregnant is NOT a tragedy. Choosing to abort an innocent child is a tragedy to me. Even more so, choosing to abort a child when you are young, ill-informed, and brain-washed by our society that it is not a child at all, only to realize after you make this horrible choice that you have in fact aborted your child is a TRAGEDY. This bill will allow pregnant women a better understanding of the choice they are making but still, unfortunately, allows them the right to make that choice.

Allowing an editor to spout off with his pro-abortion, hatefilled rhetoric is a tragedy to me as my family has been loyal Express News readers since before I was even born. I'm so angry and disgusted I'm shaking as I type this. I read only the first two paragraphs to my husband and he immediately told me to cancel our subscription. As he said, we can get any news we want online. Perhaps you should have considered your readership, and lack thereof, before you allowed Mr. Stroud to spout off. Despite the views of the media, I believe many in our beautiful city will find this offensive beyond belief.

Deborah Deel

Okay, shoot, apparently my email spellcheck is lacking and doesn't know the word rhetoric (but Blogspot's does). Wait I even double checked on word. So now I've emailed a letter to the editor of the paper with a spelling typo, drat, drat,drat!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am not doing my first Not Me Monday post in forever!

I certainly did not cry and end up leaving church when I was questioned on whether or not my 2 year old was potty trained yet. Apparently they want to move him out of the nursery and "only 2 in the new class aren't already potty trained".

I'm not fairly annoyed because I had already explained the doctor had asked me to wait a month or two until the laxative he prescribed did it's job. I know I should have a more christian attitude, right???

I'm not annoyed because my DH is on the phone with me and I want to finish my Not Me's. I'm a sweet loving wife who always wants to talk to my hubby!

I was not a total whiney baby this weekend because it was my birthday and I was tired of never getting a cake or dinner. I got the cake but still had to make my own birthday dinner anyway. I of course feel terrible about being so whiney , except I don't since I really never make a big deal over it so once in 15 yrs of marriage isn't bad!

I didn't laugh when I saw MckMamas snow spring break picture and realize I was lucky to just have cold and rain over ours.

I didn't feel like dancing for joy on our trip to Fiesta TX (a few hours before the cold weather hit) because both boys LOVED Wiggle World. I didn't contemplate writing a thank you note to the Wiggles over in Australia. I also haven't made mental plans to go every week this summer to make the $250 I've already spent on passes worth it!

I don't totally love Facebook after not signing up for so long. Even if it's just cyber communication it's fun to keep up with family and catch up with old friends. Now if I can just not get my feelings hurt if someone doesn't accept my friend request so I'll feel more free to make them.

I'm not considering cutting my hair to my shoulders because DH loves it long and I just grew it out. I also don't secretly think I'm starting to look like an old lady with long hair!!!!

I'm not so done because DH is out of town and I want to put the boys to sleep early. Darn that Congress and their early DST. It looks like the middle of the day outside still! I'm so not contemplating blackout curtains for ALL the windows including the arch over the door. Oh well, at least the drought killed all the grass so the neighbor won't start his mowing at 8 tonight!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been ignoring my blog lately because I just joined Facebook and it is taking up all of my time! I was asked to get on by some cousins and it has been soooo fun keeping up with their lives. I only have 29 friends though because I'm kind of hesitent to ask someone to "be my friend". Maybe it's that fear of cyber rejection. I think I've been accepted by all the people I've asked. Of course I've only asked one person that I "found" by searching. Everyone else I am either related to, came out of my email addresses (meaning I know them well enough to email them so we must be friends), or came off someone elses FB site. I was surprised at home many people pulled off my email list. Lots of people from my church including the pastor but I only asked a few to be "my friends".

I have only one mystery friend. He asked, I said yes, and I assumed he was in the frat I was a little sister for--he came over from a little sister's page. I don't think he is but he must be a nice guy because he has over 700 friends. Fortunately, I already went over the situation with Mike so he knows why this guy is my "friend". Other than that the only guys are 2 Sig Ep's, Mike's best friend from high school, a friend of Mike's from church (my work-out partner's husband) and relatives. So far only a few people have come looking for me. We'll see if I stay with it better than my blog!