Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I hate Swine Flu!

Ahhhh, I hate this stuff. Three districts within 15 minutes of my house are closed with confirmed cases. So, if I can get to one of those schools in 10 minutes why is Sean's district not closed. Should it be closed. Should I keep the boys home. Am I being paranoid or sane to not take Connor to childcare at the gym where kids are always sick with something. What about MDO? What about my date night Saturday night? Will the babysitter still come? Should the babysitter come--she goes to school in a closed school district? The kids will be sleeping though so won't be exposed. Am I supposed to wear a mask to Midnight Rodeo? Can I find one to go with my new sexy but not too sexy purple shirt? Will it go with my new haircut that I don't like and can't do anything with?

Why is Connor crying and will he sleep tonight or instead kick and roll on me like last night? Why is Sean so hyper tonight and can I get him to go to bed at 6:30--just kidding. Is the UN really trying to make spanking child abuse because I'm seriously thinking of taking it up today.

Finally, even if Connor lets me sleep can I or will I stay up obsessing over the news like I did last night--which explains why I'd just gone to sleep at 1 when Connor woke up. Now, I have to go and deal with the unruly older child who apparently hit the younger one then decided to hammer cap gun whatever they are on Mike's glass desk. Heaven help me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing special

I'm not blogging about anything special today. I just thought since I'm hiding upstairs on the computer I'd actually post something for a change! I picked Sean up a little early today as the first grade had a Fiesta Float Parade. The floats were made from shoe boxes. I usually recycled mine so I had to steal one from Mike's closet that was filled with important items I'm sure I'll hear about moving (golf towels, a scrap of t-shirt with shoe polish on it and those shampoos you get at hotels). Sean insisted on his Sonic stuffed animal riding in it. Since Sonic took up about half the box I didn't really have to do much else. I wrapped it in brightly striped tissue paper and let him glue on some fuzzy balls. We finally scrounged up 4 wheels after searching the house and Mike glued them to tinker toy sticks and stuck them through the box. Lastly I we stuck various bows and ribbons on to cover up holes and such. The parade was really cute--through the halls at his school--and Connor stayed still and watched it all.

We were supposed to have a "playdate" with our neighbor but something came up and they haven't come over. I'm not sure why I call it a playdate since really we just trade houses a few times a week but since we're with the boys I guess it's not exactly the same as when I was little and we just showed up at our friends door to ask them to play. It's great though because Connor loves Ricky as much as Sean and Natalie doesn't mind if my boys are wild and crazy at her house. Good thing too with my wild children.

Poor Connor has had to be at Kidspace twice this week. Yesterday was my day to help Sean's teacher and today I finally got my hair cut. I haven't had my color done since last summer except for when I did it myself. It looked okay in the mirror but when I'd see a photo it was way too red. Now that my hair is fixed I guess I'll have to work on the extra weight I really notice in the photo. Not that I haven't tried. I was going to the gym serious for quite a while but things just keep getting in the way. Not to mention that Connor screams when I leave him. Both boys are home tomorrow (it's Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade, an official school holiday here in SA) but with Connor having been at Kidspace twice and the gym once already I think I'd better not go. Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses.

Okay, it's way too quiet downstairs. I dread going down to see what's been done. Oh, there's crying so I'd better run. Mike has a business dinner so in 3 more hours I can give them a bath and rest. Why does that sound like an eternity????

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feelin' sorry for myself

I don't know what is with me today. I'm just draggy and feeling down. Actually, it's probably related to my doctor visit yesterday. I really thought she would just check my thyroid and tell me it felt fine like the last visit. Instead it was an ultrasound and, unfortunately, didn't look fine at all. The nodules have filled again and she is concerned about one of the growths that was inconclusive before because it didn't have enough cells. Apparently now it does. To make things even more fun I have to wait until June 30 to even get the biopsy.

Now logically, I know this is because it is not a dire situation. If they find something the will just remove my thyroid. In fact even if they don't they will remove it anyway if the nodule fills after they drain it this time (yuck right!). I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself because it looks like somewhere in the next 3-12 months I will most likely be having it removed. Even worse, my levels are still normal so I can't even blame it for not losing weight even thought I'm really seriously working out right now. Once they remove it I'm stuck on medication the rest of my life and from what I read it's a fun time trying to get the levels right.

Anyway, that's my sob story for today. Not much in the way of problems I know but it's bringing me down. Which in turn makes me feel whiney and ungrateful when I think about people with real problems!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lazy, lazy Mommy

I woke up today tired. COme to think of it I was tired yesterday as well. Maybe I'm coming down with something. Or maybe it has to do with all the oak pollen coming down on my yard!

I dressed for Bible Study but before I dressed Connor I realized I just felt too lousy to go. I'm still draggin 3 hours later. I need to go to Hobby Lobby but I don't feel like changing out of my old sweats. Connor on the other hand, removed his diaper, then went pee-pee in his pants. At this point he just wants to be naked--those are his words--and I'm being too lazy to care. I'm so ready for that child to potty train but he's still resisting. I know I need to consistenly keep him on Miralax for a few weeks but when it does kick in it KICKS IN and I hate to keep giving it to him. Hopefully, if I go 2 weeks straight, leaving the potty training out of the equation, then I can try again. I'd like to have him out of diapers before his birthday in May. Not to mention there is at least 1 and maybe more VBS's he can attend if he's out of diapers.

I didn't sign either boys up for anything this summer to try and save some money. I hope it doesn't backfire. I've already decided we'll spend alot of time at Fiesta TX--paid for already--the gym--not giving it up now that I'm actually going consistently--and our neighborhood pool. Which means I have to come to terms with my body in a swimsuit in public. If I don't we'll spend a fortune on Chuck-e-Cheese and movies this year and negate skipping MDO!

Okay, guess I need to go and dress for Hobby Lobby so I'll have time before Sean is out of school. I also need to call my friend back who has already called twice, once during bedtime last night, since I talked to her for an hour yesterday. She's lovely but she does like to spend hours on the phone and I just don't always have the energy!