Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pincushion Day

Tody I finally, after 10 weeks of waiting, got my biopsy. Not the results mind you, just the fun needle sticking part. The results will be in next week. Anyway, because my nodules are fluid filled my doctor likes to drain them. So instead of a quick little prick to get cells to test, I get repeated pricks drawing out fluid. Not don't picture it, just feel sorry for me: ) My SIl is in town and wonders why they don't just remove the darn thing since I have all these nodules. She thinks I will feel better if they do. I asked but apparently so many people have nodules the doctors here don't remove until they feel it is necessary. Surgery is always scary but it would be nice to feel less tired. Of course it may be something completely different. I'll know in 7 days what they found.

Connor was in my bed again last night. Well I should say our bed but Mike sleeps through almost anything so it was mostly my sleeping that suffered. I know I baby him but I just don't seem to have the energy to sleep train him. Maybe next week, we'll see. They boys are with Mike at the gym right now and I should be napping but I had to get my pumpkins harvested. That's an interesting statement isn't it. It's a Facebook game and it takes more time than I should give it. I'm just waiting for my brother and SIL to get here. They are visiting for a few days but were smart enough not to stay with us--thus missing Connor's middle of the night waking!

I did book my tickets to CA so I guess I will take my mini-vacation in August. I am really really looking forward to it. I need to get motivated because I want to make some special things for my cousins and take with me. Mike has a 3 day weekend so maybe I'll get something done then--ha, ha!

Connor at Fiesta Texas

Sean in his new tournament uniform

Monday, June 8, 2009

My little nudist

And no, I am NOT sharing photos. I was seriously tempted when he was in the swing and things were strategically covered but...

Connor just loves to disrobe. First he went in the backyard this morning to play in the wading pool. I told him to wear his knit shorts that he had on. Next thing I know shorts and undies are laying on the ground and there he is in all his glory. This afternoon, he started in a swimsuit but again, there he goes naked. He swings naked, he sits in the rocks naked, he chases the dog naked. If the trampoline wasn't "out of order" I'm sure he'd jump naked. Why do I put up with it? I'm secretly hoping I can use his nakedness to finally get him potty trained. The kids is Mr. Independent in everything else (except of course sleeping by him self at all times--I still join him about once every week or two) and is completely capable of going potty but he still resists.

Sean was not naked boy except before bathtime. I kept him completely clothed at all times. In fact he also refused to potty train. Hmmm... maybe it's mama who has the issue--okay, I already knew it was me as I'm not good at structure. Therefore, I kept him fully dressed so no one would notice the boy who looked to be 5 or 6 (he was 3 1/2 when he trained, just tall) wearing a diaper. I just knew Connor would be out of diapers before his third birthday. I even heard about a technique to train kids under 1--of course I never tried it as I heard you had to take them to the potty every 30 minutes for up to a year! He can potty by his brother, his dad, on his own, in the backyard, in the neighbors front yard...but if Mommy asks he runs.

Hopefully, we will have a breakthrough soon. I'm trying the underwear route while we are at home. We had to discard one pair completely today (it was small anyway) but the next pair made it until he decided to run naked. Not sure where he pottied after that!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We had the boys birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese a few weeks ago. With 2 May birthdays and Memorial Day getting in the way I decided to combine them. Chuck-e-Cheese was so great to work with us considering that we were getting RSVP's the morning of the party--and it started at 10 AM! We ended up paying for 20 kids but there were closer more like 25-30 if you count siblings. The boys loved it!

Please excuse the lousy photos. When Mike killed the computer virus a few months back it seems to have killed my photo editor as well and I haven't gotten a new program yet!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Typical Deel Famiy photo. Mike and the boys and Mommy behind the camera!

Sweet Connor at the skating rink a few minutes before Mommy (on skates) fell down while holding him and slammed her head into the hard ground. Well, he wanted UP!

Whoo-hooo the boys are in bed so Mommy can watch the final of Make Me a Supermodel all by herself, uninterrupted. I'm so easily excited! What a nerd...