Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not pretty much ignore my blog all week!

I did not ignore, so far, the recipe exchange email from my cousin because I don't have 20 people I feel I can forward the email to.

I did not get sad over the holiday because I saw no one from my family at all.

I did not think it really did not feel like Christmas because not only did I not see anyone from my side of the family, we did not even make it to our church's Christmas Eve service for the first time in 5 years.

My house is not a complete mess and I haven't pretty much ignored that fact for the last 7 days.

I'm not still feeling lazy and typing this blog instead of cleaning like a madwoman.

I didn't laze around doing nothing most of the holiday because DH is home and will entertain the kids while I do nothing. I joined in on all the family fun because that is what a good Mommy would do rather than lounge on the couch watching the Naked Archaeologist (he's not really naked BTW!)

I did not finally list a bunch of books on Paperback Swap and actually get enough credits for 2 new books. That said I certainly picked serious literary classics rather than Christian Chick Lit. I'm an intelligent well-read Mommy who wants to expand her intellect not waste precious time on fluff--albeit Christian fluff.

I did not despite my lazy ways do at least 1 to 2 loads of laundry every day of the last week. A family of 4 could NOT possibly generate that many dirty clothes. That said I certainly am not wearing the same sweats I wore yesterday because I have a tendency to dry my hands on my pants when I'm cooking because I'm in a hurry(I am also certainly not phobic about cooking meat and don't wash my hands constantly for fear of giving the kids some horrible bacteria). Of course I only dry my clean hands but still...

I'm not now typing my Not Me's when I told DH I was answering Craigslist emails for the couch and chairs we are selling.

Of course I just love selling on Craigslist, answering all the emails, especially the one's that come in after I've gone to the trouble to update the ad as PICKUP PENDING (notice the all caps? No one else ever does!) I also love dealing with people who think I am a retail business with nothing better to do than sit here all day and wait until it is convenient for them to wander by and pickup the items I'm selling way below what they are worth anyway. And I especially LOVE the people who are desperate to buy my items than drop off the face of the earth leaving me to move through the list of other people desperate to buy my underpriced things.

I'm not using Craigslist because DH refuses to let me have a garage sale. I certainly don't agree with him somewhat as people at garage sales seem to want me to give them my furniture and whatnot so cheap I might as well pay them for the privilege. Not to mention the people who pile half the stuff up and ask if they can have it for $10, "for Mexico", then I find out they don't give it away they sell it for 3 times what it's worth and 5 times what I had it priced at to begin with!

I didn't tell my friend I was giving up bread, pasta, rice, etc until New Years Eve because we have a party to go to that night and I know it will help me lose a few pounds. After not saying that I certainly did not eat 7 slices (small slices, but) of pizza DH brought home after church yesterday. That pizza is not calling to me now as I type this with it's delicious crust...

Finally, DH did not go against what I told him about no gifts (because our Property Tax is due next month and we need to SAVE) and buy me the most amazing COACH purse. He did not, thank goodness, go to the outlet and get it for $300 UNDER retail which was only $50 more than I told him he could spend if he didn't follow my instructions. He didn't, again thank goodness, ask for advice from the salespeople and NOT get me the patchwork style I liked LAST YEAR, and instead buy a huge (I can't believe it was only $150!!!!!!) classic brown one from this years line!!! AND I did not seriously think about taking a picture and posting it because I really really love it. It SOOO did not make up for that hideous fake croc, horsehair, silver buckled thing he bought me for my 40th birthday!

Drat, okay I"m not sad that MckMama is not doing Not Me Monday this week because I had So many Not Me's! Darn!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

I didn't forget it was Not Me Monday until just now, no not me.

I didn't sleep during Connor's nap today. No not me I've got lots to do before Christmas.

I haven't wrapped a total of 0 Christmas gifts for under my tree yet wrapped all 18 of Sean's teachers gifts for the students (it is my month as classroom helper).

I didn't take on a way to complicated project for Sean's class instead of just handing out candy for Christmas.

I am not trying to overcompensate for my less than average domestic skills by trying to impress the other parents with my creativity. No not me!

I'm not yet again doing Not Me's while leaving DH to entertain the kids when he really does need to be working.

I didn't keep Connor up more days then let him nap hoping he would end the cycle of waking up at 3 AM.

I'm not still unmotivated even though it's been over a week of solid sleep for me!

Christmas isn't next week and I still don't have anything for my in-laws, no not me, I always plan ahead.

I'm not done because I still have to put away the laundry I did last night and just folded tonight. Not me, I always fold and put clothes away promptly.

Goodnight all, Happy Not Me Monday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Card

Yay! My scanner is working so I can scan my Christmas Card. The photo is on another post but I'm putting the actual card on here. I have to admit I think I like the casual photos. Good thing too since I'm too unorganized to get it done early enough for a studio shot!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Full Nights of Sleep!

Connor has slept for the last 3 nights. He has not napped on those day, however, and today he napped for almost 2 hours. I suspect he will wake at some point but we will see. If he does not wake up then maybe it was street noise that was waking him as I have moved his bed to an inside wall.

I'm so happy because Mike's company has decided to halt all travel until the end of the year. We had him home for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving (home meaning no overnight travel) and now the rest of the month. We aren't going to know what to do with ourselves! I'm especially happy because next week is Sean's last week before Winter Break. It will be nice having Mike home in the evening after being home with both boys all day. I'm going to have to find lots to entertain them!

I do finally have the tree up. I can't say it's a thing of beauty since I only used child-friendly ornaments. Most of them are Sean made so it's definately not a fancy tree! Connor likes to put as many as possible on one branch so I'm constantly trying to even them out but I suspect they will go right back as soon as he is near the tree again. I'm not sure what to do with the presents. I bought plain brown paper and ink so I plan to decorate it myself and today I thought perhaps I'd just glue the wrap down so Connor can't tear it off before Christmas. Of course, Connor being Connor he just might anyway!

Okay, so awhile back I was contemplating a post telling all sorts of things about myself that most people wouldn't know. Since then I've gotten more sleep so I might not be as forthcoming as I would have but why not right!?!

The first thing I was going to say is that deep down and not so deep down I really want to get a tattoo. However, after watching a newscast of women having them removed I'm not as interested. I should note that I don't think I will get one. Obviously, it's not even something I would have ever contemplated if my mother was still alive. When I was 21, yes 21, I had 1 ear double pierced and she completely freaked out. Kept talking about rebellion and where was it going. It was really funny considering most of the girls in my high-school had both double pierced and I'm talking about the preppy rich girls. It was no big deal but to my mother it was. Strangely enough she's the one who talked my father into letting me get my ears pierced in third grade in the first place.

Okay back to the subject. I'm so rebellious that the tattoo I'd like is an ICTHUS ("Jesus fish") on my inner ankle. I just like the idea of having it with me always. On the other hand I'm not sure I'm a good enough witness to sport that permanently! I really don't think I will ever follow up on this because at my age I can't pretend it was something I did in my wild college days as none if the girls I went to school with did that. It really wasn't done much when I was in school except by some of the Sig Ep's I knew and then it was usually frat related so I thought it was cool.

On that note, yes, I was a Sig Ep Little Sister. They called them Golden Hearts and they got discontinued so no one knows what they are anymore. The first few years were fun. Sig Ep's are conservative for a fraternity so it wasn't THAT wild. It was, however, wilder then a good Christian girl should have been. On that note I'm conflicted. I deeply regret the years I wasn't living the way I should have been as a Christian. I truly wonder what God had in store for me if I would have followed his path rather than my own. On the other hand I do have some good friends and some fun memories if I allow myself to look past the shame of some of the other times.

I love to dance and I was out several times a week dancing. The places I went didn't lend themselves to good behavior and that is where my downfall was. But I do miss the dancing. I have danced on table. I was at all times fully clothed when I did so but I had a blast doing it. I have NEVER been in a wet T-shirt contest or any such thing. I did the Hawaiian Tropic thing at South Padre (the one time I went) just because I was annoyed that my friend assumed she would be the only one of us to enter. It was hilarious because even when I have a tan people tell me I need to get some sun! On the other hand people regularly think I'm about 10 years younger than I am so not tanning is always a good thing in the end. The fun thing about the contest is there were a bunch of guys from UTSA that recognized me as a Golden Heart and yelled their heads off. What an ego boost when you feel like fool.

Lets see. Hmmm...I am very frustrated as a SAHM. I'm just not domestic. Probably because my mother was so good at it and did spoil me some. I hate to clean but I like a clean house. I'm hoping Connor will keep sleeping and eventully I'll get enough energy to streamline our lives. Really, we have way too much junk. Mike and the boys are packrats and I tend to get a little panicked sometimes that I will need something I'm throwing away. I'm fighting it though and I know we will all be happier without chaos and with structure in our lives. I'm just praying I can find the energy to do it.

Okay, deep dark secret-or maybe not, I'm vain. That one is hard to believe because I'm also very insecure. The truth is I hate getting older. Hate, hate, hate it! If I had the money I'm afraid I'd do something about it. I see every wrinkle and line on my face and neck. If I lived in a cooler climate I'd probably wear turtlenecks because I have alot of sun damage on my chest and lines on my neck. I'm ashamed that it takes up so much of my thinking because I don't think how you look makes a person but I guess I'm not sure what else I have to offer. Wow, that's really sad and now you know why it's hard to admit.

I feel like I haven't accomplished enough in life. Since I'm not good at the SAHM thing and I didn't exactly have a fulfilling career I have this desperate need to do something more. I think I really need a creative outlet but I have a hard time pushing myself to start. I have ideas for cute kids shirts but I don't do it because I figure it won't go anywhere. However, one day at Target Connor an I schlepped out wearing shirts that were errors in the trial and error. The lady behind me liked them and asked me if I'd do a craft day at her MOPS. I haven't called her because they really were bad and I don't know what I'd do. I'm hoping when I get the energy that I need to clean I'll also get started on some creative outlet.

Okay, I still miss my mother so much sometimes it takes my breath away. It worries me that it's been over 3 years and I still feel that way. I also completely feel like I let her down. If I had had cancer she would have forced me to fight and exhausted everything in her to make me better. I feel like I just gave up on her because it was so hard to see her like that and with Mike in Iraq and Sean's ADHD I just didn't know what to do. I think at one time I really thought to myself, okay she will be out of pain and then we'll see what to do. I think I really couldn't believe it was happening and she wouldn't really be dead. I'm not sure what that says about my sanity at that point. I know now after having Connor, the Staph infection and the last 3 years without her to fall back on I'm a much stronger person. Most of the time at least. I wish I'd had more strength then!

Okay, well not too amazing revelations and now I'm trying to talk to DH as he drives home through the hill country so I guess I'm done for now. Maybe I'll reveal more later...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not eat almost 2 pecan pies by myself Thanksgiving weekend.

I did not act like a total jerk to my husband because I was missing my family so much and I was "mad" that my parents are dead and his are not. No, not that I wish them dead just that I'm annoyed he has 2 and I have none. I'm also not sure he knows that's why I was a total jerk or if he just figures it was normal for me.

I have not been making my children listen to Christmas music while they watch their DVD's so I can try and get in the spirit.

I am not, as usual, having a hard time getting in the spirit because temps are in the 70s still, it is dry and dead (everything this year) and it's just not Christmasy looking in S. Texas. I couldn't possibly have a hard time considering I was born here and have lived more of my life here than anywhere else and never outside TX anyway.

I am NOT complaining about living in TX because that would mean I am not one of those annoyingly proud Texans who can tell you exactly how long her family has been there (except on the Comanche side because that really all depends on how you feel about carbon dating!). I love every moment I live in TX (okay, except at Christmas time because it's so darn not Christmasy!)

I did not actually mail almost all of my Christmas cards TODAY because I never mail them until the week before Christmas.

On the same note I did not wait until the last minute, last night!, to actually take the picture for the card. If I had, I would have had to spend hours making the card on the Kodak Gallery and then find out the one I picked couldn't be picked up at Target. Of course I started way in advance so I would have had time to get the cards I picked in the mail.

That said, I certainly did not check out 4 other sites to see if I liked any of their cards but realize I liked the one at Target best because it actually worked with the non-Christmasy bible verse I picked. I am also certainly NOT annoyed that the "religious" cards are on the lame side and I had to for the second year in a row (or third) take a generic Christmas card and add Christ to it! I did not go back to the Target site and find out I could make the card if I made it glossy instead of matte and didn't pick it up bright and early this morning!

I am not very proud of my card which I can't scan because DH won't fix the scanner, but I'm using James 1:17 because I love the verse. I am not kind of tickled at the way I made it fit Christmas.

I do not love Mondays because I get to do this post and visit others.

I did not totally LOVE SITmas last Tuesday and get 30 comments on my blog. Since I never visit all my commenters, I of course did not get to read lots of fun SITSmas posts and find some new blogs to stalk.

I did not spend many nights in the last week up with Connor yet again and conclude the child does not have Pinworms again. I did not secretly wish he did because at least I could fix it with a little pill.

I did not move his room around and turn his crib back into a crib from a toddler bed because I just can't deal with it until I get more consistant sleep. I also did not move the rocking chair away from the bed hoping he will no longer be able to escape so easily.

I most certainly DID NOT keep my poor child up all day because he slept all night last night after not napping so I'm seeing if it works again. Only an evil Mommy would deprive her child of a nap just so they could both sleep through the night.

I did not DVR the Alan Jackson Special on CMT and get chocked up because I really do like him and Denise so much. That would make me a scary fan and I am soooo not a scary fan.

I have not decided I love love love my DVR because I can actually watch shows that come on in the evening now by waiting until after the kids are asleep. I don't love even more that I can watch an hour show so fast by skipping the commercials.

Finally, because my dinner is getting cold and my nap-free little boy needs to get to bed soon, I did not actually utter the words, "thank you, Jesus" when I saw NATIVITIES for sale at my fave store TARGET. After being told 2 years ago they didn't carry them at all I've felt guilty shopping there (about 3 times a week every week). I feel so much better about it now!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Failure last night but pictures today

We tried, we really tried, then we caved! I caved in and rocked him to sleep. He woke at 1 and I rocked then put him in his bed. He woke and we tried to do it right again until Mike brought him in our room to go potty. Incidentally, he's not potty trained so I think he was manipulating Daddy! After that I rocked him again and at 3 or so Mommy got to go back to sleep. We slept until after 9 so little heathens that we are we skipped church. I deliberately kept him up all day and need to get him to bed ASAP. I hope tonight is better because Mommy is exhausted. I've moved his crib again and turned it back into a crib plus moved the rocking chair he uses to get out. I also moved the crib to an inside wall because I still think it might be related to all the kids who drive by all night with their stereo cranked.

I just spent a few hours making my card only to find out it can't be picked up at my target so now I'm going to start over with HEB. Since I'm so behind I can't afford to wait more than a day or two and HEB came through for me last year. I really liked how it looked at Target darn it.

The main reason I'm posting is because I finally downloaded photos from my camera. I'll post a few, all the way back to Halloween-yikes, so I can feel like I accomplished something today!

My little Curious George

Yes I made Daddy wear that but it was originally his idea

Just so you can get the full "yellow" affect! I had to dye the shirt and pants and we won't even talk about that darn hat!!!!

Sean as Cooper from the Playstation game Sly3, and no you cannot buy that costume in stores. It must be custom made by a Mommy who swears she is going to take sewing lessons but hasn't. Of couse it's so obscure that no one knew who he was but he was happy!

Finally, this will be my Christmas card photo. Now I just need to put it together again. Since I never plan ahead I can't get one done at a studio so it's candid photos only for my friends and family!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleepless in San Antonio

Yes, Connor has decided to be up at night once again. Apparently the peaceful and restful Thanksgiving week was just a short-term gift. Last night was only an hour which would not have been so bad except Tuesday he was up from 3 AM on and would not sleep anywhere but on Mommy. Connor seemed to be fine the next day as he did sleep but of course with Connor's head crammed on Mommy's shoulder, Mommy did not sleep much. I did wake at 9 in my bed with some wild dreams going on so apparently I drifted off some but the dreams were so unsettling I think it made it worse.

Tonight since I'm delirious anyway I've decided it is time for him to grow up. I've turned his crib into a toddler bed. Of course we can't find the rails that actually came with the bed so I'm using the fold down rail from when Sean was younger. Just to be safe I've taped it, with packing tape, to the bars under the mattress. I also put the blanket I use as a rug back in his room and put a pillow under the edge of the crib. I'm hoping to find the actual rails in the storage unit tomorrow.

As for tonight I do not have high hopes. I honestly expect to spend most of the night putting him back in bed, but it's long overdue. We've done the whole CIO many times but every time he gets sick I revert to rocking. Before he could climb out of the crib would have been a much better choice to solve this, but then what would I have to complain about, LOL! Yes, knowing me I can always find something to complain about...

Unfortunately, bathtime seems to be winding down so it's time to start. My saving grace is that I can always tag-team with Mike so we can each get a few blocks of sleep. Now I'll need to convince Mike to return Connor to his bed without trying to reason with him about it. Mike honestly believes our boys will get it if he just explains it to them long enough. I'm going for the book advice, as far as I can tell pretty much every book out there, which is to make it so boring and annoying that the child will give up and sleep.

This post was going to be a post about all sorts of things you would never think about me or things I should be too embarrassed to admit. However, considering the lack of sleep, I'd probably give out way too much info and have to change my name and leave the country. I'll save that for a day when I'm more rested and hopefully have some restraint. Not too much though because why would that be fun! God Willing, seriously if you pray or even if you don't send up a word to HIM for me, Connor will miraculously love his new grown-up bed and stay in it. I should note though that he's already said he didn't want a grown-up bed. On the other hand, it's not exactly bringing Lazarus back to life, walking on water, rising from the dead, etc so maybe there's hope!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Secret is in the Sauce: Merry SITSmas!

The Secret is in the Sauce: Merry SITSmas!

Okay today is the day and I missed several hours as Connor had me up again last night--it had better not be the wormies again is all I can say! On to better subjects. SITS is having a giveaway every hour. The one this hour is great--a painting from a photo, I'v always wanted one of those. We are supposed to include our SITSmas card in the blog but I haven't even TAKEN a photo of the boys for it yet! AND I've already received a card already--Jennifer how are you so organized? Since I have nothing to put in from this year I'll used last years photo. You'll note the boys are in their jammies so it was also a last minute effort as the Christmasy ones I tried to take didn't work out! Story of my life...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Merry Pre-SITSmas

Wow SITS is doing a special event tomorrow with prizes every hour. ALSO, there is a grand prize of not only being the featured blogger on Friday (great because it is comment heaven) but a $200 gift certificate to TARGET. My favorite store. I'm beginning to think it's everyone's favorite store. Anyway, if you head over now and post about the event today you get 10 free entries in the grand prize giveaway!

Not Me Monday

I did not eat most of 2 pecan pies by myself over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

They certainly were not pies I made myself so I know exactly how much butter, and not margarine, and even Crisco (specially purchased because I never use the stuff!) they had in them. If I did I certainly wouldn't have consumed that many calories.

I also did not continue to eat the second pie after actually blogging that I was leaving it for the men in the house. That would make me a pig!

I did not still manage to lose a pound the other day, haven't checked since then, because that would mean my working out was paying off.

I did not get up with the crazies at 4:30 AM and head out to purchase toys for my children. That would be insane! However, had I done such a thing I would be proud to report that in San Antonio everyone was well behaved and at Target they were even waiting in a single file line for the store to open.

Had I gone out at an ungodly hour on Black Friday, I certainly would not have felt inclined to tell people I never did such a thing and only did it that day because HEB had DS's for $99 and Sean wanted one. That said I certainly did not get THE LAST ONE at 5:15 when the store opened at 5! People were well behaved but obviously much more desperate than I to have gotten there so early and snapped them up (I only got one because a lady put 2 down right when I was heading for the empty table to doublecheck that they were really sold out)

Since I was already up and out I certainly did not then head to my favorite store, Target, and wait 10 minutes until they opened at 6 AM. They did have a deal on Leapster games and I did need to grocery shop but I could have done that at HEB then gone home and made breakfast for my family.

While I wasn't at Target I certainly did not decide Mike didn't really need the Guitar Hero's game they had on sale. I know he secretly wants the game and I would not deprive him of it because I think it's silly and a little too old for our kids anyway. What wife wouldn't want to make her husband's dreams of being a rock star come true-sort of.

I did not then have to go back to Target yesterday because I left my food list in the car on Friday and was too lazy to go back out for it.

I certainly did not make sure Connor had a nap because I was now so sleepy I needed one myself. Connor needs his naps not grown up Mommies who should have gone to bed earlier if she was Not going to go out at 5 AM.

I didn't do 4 loads of laundry over the Thanksgiving weekend but still have a messy house and was secretly glad no one came over for the holiday.

I didn't get annoyed with DH when he kept staying at his parents Thanksgiving when I knew Connor would fall asleep on the way home because he didn't nap. What wife would deprive her husband of family on a holiday especially when she didn't get to see any of her own family.

When Connor did go to sleep I certainly did not shoot said husband dirty looks and mutter under my breath especially since Connor did then go back to sleep within an hour and sleep all night.

I did not really really miss my mother this holiday, especially since I didn't make her cornbread dressing and it really is better than any other.

I am not hiding upstairs in our almost completed office and letting Connor watch a movie so I could actually do my Not Me's early this time.

I am not really looking forward to the special SITSA day tomorrow so I can visit blogs and maybe get some traffic on mine.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to start the next one. I need to dress myself and Connor and get ready for the gym!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Late but Thankful

I should have done this yesterday but didn't. After stalking around blogworld I realize again how very much I have been blessed with so

I am thankful I have to relatively healthy kids. Sure Sean's ADHD is challenging and Connor is constantly picking up little bugs--last time literally!--but in all I am blessed I don't have to watch them suffer with a chronic or terminal illness.

I am thankful that my husband for some unknown reason still loves me. I am so often not very lovable especially in the last 3 years. Okay who are we kidding, it's more like 7!

I am thankful my husband still has a job and even more so that the job allows me to be home with the kids. In this day and age that is truly a rare blessing for all of us.

I am thankful that once I get out of this fog I am blessed with health. I have had scares but never faced a real illness that limited me.

I am thankful that I had 2 loving parents who loved me, each other, and most of all the Lord and raised me to know His love and the sacrifice of my Savior. As bad as things have ever been if I didn't have that HOPE I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning.

I am thankful that I only ate one pecan pie, by myself, because I realize that is why I feel lousy today. With the vanilla, butter, and Crisco I put into the homemade pie and crust it is way to rich for my tummy. I leave the second pie to the men of the house which my hips will thank me for in the long run.

I am thankful that I live in a country of abundance even at a time when people are down financially. I know our poor still live better than most of the world and God has blessed us with a chance at a better tomorrow that many countries don't have. I hope I will remember to take my thankfulness and focus it toward helping others and not being so self-centered.

I am thankful to live in a nation where I can still worship my God as I see fit. I am also thankful for the community I live in within SA that has grown so much spiritually. I am truly blessed to be able to raise my children and live in this environment when so much of the world is living without so much Grace.

I am thankful for finding blogs. It is a great outlet for my "down time" (read: time to avoid cleaning the toilets, etc) as I am an avid reader. This way I am connecting with real people at least through comments and prayers.

There is so much more I am thankful for but it's late and I need to get Connor in bed. We both napped late today (did I mention I was up at 5 AM to get a $99 DS for Sean--got the LAST one they had at 5:15!) so bedtime is late. Someday I will be thankful for a scheduled household but I think I'll save that for my New Years Resolutions.

So for now, happy rest of the Thanksgiving Weekend to everyone out there!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

So far I've baked 3 Pecan Pies tonight. Tomorrow all I have to do is make the cranberry sauce which is for me as no one else likes it. Oh the joy of not having to make dressing and turkey. Yes I said dressing first, I like it more. However, that means I am stuck with other people's dressing and honestly I like my mother's recipe best. Maybe I'll make some for Christmas.

Today I have also worked out hard with my friend Sheila. Changed my blog background. Officially become a MckFriend. AND lo and behold found out I have followers! I never added the device because I couldn't imagine I would have any but I have 2. Bless you oh lovely people for making me feel loved tonight.

Today after reading that people from my neighborhood and even more shocking, The Dominion!(by way of explanation, George Strait lives in The Dominion)are hitting up the local food banks I really realize how thankful I should be. Yes, I can't keep my budget but if I would, we do have the means to pay off our evil CC debt. I am so blessed to be home with my kids and DH still has a good job to go to every week. It's a new job but since the promoted him after a few months to Regional Manager I'm hoping that is a good sign he won't be let go anytime soon! I can imagine how hard it is to go from affluence to bankruptcy. I have to assume that's the only choice for many in this real estate market. Even here in TX where the economy is better, homes aren't moving!

There is so much sadness and so much strength here in blogworld. As usual today I was blown away by the beautiful Christian women out there and the things they do in this world. At the same time I was heartbroken to read of children suffering through illness, poverty or in abusive situations. My mother used to read such accounts and say she just wanted it to end and for us to be with God. I never got it completely until I had my boys. For anyone to hurt them or for me to have to see them suffer is beyond what I hope to ever have to endure. Almost as much I feel a physical ache in my soul that any child in this land of plenty would lack for anything. Especially love.

I hope in the year to come I will stop focusing so much on my issues and reach out more to the world around me. God has blessed me with more than so many receive, I hope I can continue to see that and give of my time, my money, and myself more.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday--Is is really Monday again?

I did not spend the last several weeks in a fog because Connor kept me up so much. Not me!

I did not finally feel better this morning and finally work out with my friend again. Not me, I'm much to lazy. (okay, really, yay me! I actually feel thinner, yeah right!)

I was not secretly happy that the 2 families I invited for Thanksgiving had to decline. Not me, I've been cooking frantically in my sick and sleepy stupor plus I would NEVER put off getting ready for that type of a meal until the week of...

I did not actually make enchiladas and chalupas from scratch for my family. Not me, I'm much to tired for that and I hate to cook (yay me again!)

I was not secretly thrilled when my picky eater Connor had 2 Little Debbie's for a snack, because a good mother would prefer quality to quantity even if it means her child eats no more than 2 bites a day.

I did not really write that ridiculously long sentence above that obviously lacks proper punctuation because I love grammar.

I am not listening to Christmas music in my car because it makes me happy. Good gosh it's not even Thanksgiving yet!

I did not make my children listen to country radio instead of their movie today because I felt the need to educate them on different genres of music. It absolutely was not because I couldn't stand the thought of listening to Tad put words together AGAIN during our drive.

I am not beyond thrilled that my MIL bought the boys a Wii and thus we will be able to afford to purchase them other Christmas presents without breaking our budget.

I did not just lie in that previous statement because I can't follow or set a budget to save my life. AND it is not because I can't keep myself out of Target that I can't stay within budget either.

I did not put off once again making business calls because it's a holiday week and a bad time for that, right?

I do not have pretty lame Not Me's this week because I live the exciting life of a SAHM and nothing has happened lately except the whole Pinworm saga.

Speaking of, I did not seriously consider sending flowers to the doctor that prescribed the medicine because Connor has slept through every night since Tuesday when he got the med's!

I'm not done now because I can no longer put off folding the 2 loads of laundry thrown on my bed because Mike is going to call me on it soon since he can hear the typing from where he is!

Also, I'm not still too tired to give a flip about grammar!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No sleep for Connor or Mommy

Connor has been waking up most nights for at least 3 weeks now. The first night, okay it was 5 AM, he complained his tushy hurt (although that's not the word he used--I just can't get into teaching my boys the correct terms, my mother did that and I felt weird saying them!) I took him in and they said he was probably constipated, not a surprise considering the few foods he will eat, and that he had a little tear. I should put Dr. Smith's on it and some Lotrimen in case it was fungal plus treat the constipation. He seemed a little better and less constipated then we had some more bad nights but no complaints about that area so I had his ears checked. They were fine but some molars were about to break through. Fast forward to last week. Monday and Thursday I got all of 2 hours sleep each night. The rest of the time he was awake or sleeping on me and waking up as soon as he went down. Friday he slept 6 hours then Saturday, Sunday and Monday night it was only an hour or 2 then up. I saw a different doctor yesterday and by then he was scratching and crying and it was bleeding again. She immediately told me it really sounded like Pinworms as they come out a few hours after the child goes to sleep and make it itchy. It's really all too disgusting to talk about but I'm so desperate I'm praying that is what it is.

I got the prescription but was told to check first by going in while he was asleep and checking with a flashlight for worms--and yes that is NOT the most disgusting part! It was inconclusive but I thought I saw some wormy things in his dirty diaper. Believe it or not he slept through the inspection. I thought I was home free until 12:45 when he woke up. At 2 I got him back down, he almost rose as 2:30 and was coughing but went back to sleep until 3:52. When I went in he told me he threw up, apparently that was the coughing I'd heard (!), so I stripped the bed and remade it, stripped him and "remade" him and sat down. Then I gave up and hauled him into my bed and finally he slept. Me, not so much as he slept on my arm the rolled and jammed his elbow into me and I was too afraid to move. During the prior wake-up he moaned and wiggled around trying to keep his bottom from touching anything. I called the doctor this morning and waited. Then we had another dirty diaper and I thoroughly checked it--thank goodness I never use the gloves when I color my hair, boy they came in handy--and saw some more things that MIGHT be pinworms. Just as I threw clothes on, forget hair and makeup at this point, the nurse called and said the med's wouldn't hurt him even if there was no worms. Gee, had I known that I would have given them to him yesterday in case they do the trick. So now we've had our pill and I'm praying like crazy that is the deal. If I don't get a night's sleep tonight I don't think I can function tomorrow.

Of course Mike is out of town and there is no one else to help. Honestly, he wants me anyway. I did get a nap of 1 hour today but it's not making up for the weeks of sleep I'm missing. Anyone reading this please pray my little one will be healed by this medicine. Not only is he suffering but Mommy can't take it anymore!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow, freaky test results!

Okay, short and sweet because Connor was up at 5 again and Mike's out of town.

I just found this random test on blog I read off another blog I was checking out. I was caught by the word Texas in this blog title so I hopped over. Yes, we Texans really are that obsessed with our state, LOL!

Anyway, I was floored by how accurate the description was of me especially since there was only a few questions. So here goes, if there is anybody out there you are about to know more about me than I probably want you to know. But hey, it's just blogworld right...

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are an Ingrid!


You are an Ingrid -- "I am unique"

Ingrids have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Give me plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to me.

  • * Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value myself.

  • * Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision.

  • * Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy, I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little.

  • * Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting!

What I Like About Being an Ingrid

  • * my ability to find meaning in life and to experience feeling at a deep level

  • * my ability to establish warm connections with people

  • * admiring what is noble, truthful, and beautiful in life

  • * my creativity, intuition, and sense of humor

  • * being unique and being seen as unique by others

  • * having aesthetic sensibilities

  • * being able to easily pick up the feelings of people around me

What's Hard About Being an Ingrid

  • * experiencing dark moods of emptiness and despair

  • * feelings of self-hatred and shame; believing I don't deserve to be loved

  • * feeling guilty when I disappoint people

  • * feeling hurt or attacked when someone misundertands me

  • * expecting too much from myself and life

  • * fearing being abandoned

  • * obsessing over resentments

  • * longing for what I don't have

Ingrids as Children Often

  • * have active imaginations: play creatively alone or organize playmates in original games

  • * are very sensitive

  • * feel that they don't fit in

  • * believe they are missing something that other people have

  • * attach themselves to idealized teachers, heroes, artists, etc.

  • * become antiauthoritarian or rebellious when criticized or not understood

  • * feel lonely or abandoned (perhaps as a result of a death or their parents' divorce)

Ingrids as Parents

  • * help their children become who they really are

  • * support their children's creativity and originality

  • * are good at helping their children get in touch with their feelings

  • * are sometimes overly critical or overly protective

  • * are usually very good with children if not too self-absorbed

Take Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me Monday

I did not send DH and both boys to Krisy Kreme Saturday to watch them make donuts so I could have a quiet morning.

I certainly DID NOT then eat 3 donuts every day since then because that would be horrible when I'm trying to lose weight.

I did not skip church Sunday because Connor woke up at 5:30 and I knew he would need to nap about the time the service started. Of course it also wasn't because he would then take a very late nap pushing bedtime back and Sean has school on Monday requiring we wake up early.

When I did actually get Connor to sleep while renovation was taking place right outside his door I certainly DID NOT go into my room and go to sleep as well. That would be lazy especially since I need to catch up on housecleaning and laundry.

I did not hang out in my room watching not one but 3 soap operas (if you include One Tree Hill as a soap opera) at the same time during his nap today because I'm still behind on the housework and again, that would be lazy.

On that note I certainly have NOT become addicted to a teen soap opera even though I am as old or older than the parents on the show--and YES I do have a 2 1/2 year old at my age!

If I am addicted, I am certainly not so addicted that I finally learned to program my TIVO so I can record Monday nights during the boys bedtime.

I did not wake up with Connor 4 nights and 3 early mornings in the last 2 weeks then spend hours rocking him back to sleep. I could not have because I am not one of those mothers that is still rocking her toddler to sleep. No, not me, since he was 6months old I've been laying him down awake and he always goes to sleep quietly.

I also do not give in to his request for bedtime snacks (including the last of the Halloween candy) nor do I allow him to have juice when he wakes in the middle of the night while I lay on the couch half asleep. That goes against all the parenting books and I am too perfect a parent to do such a thing.

Finally, I did not just tell my DH that I was coming upstairs to vacuum up the renovation mess and instead sit here and do my NOT ME MONDAY post!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yay, I did fine yesterday at my appointment. Except for the fact I entered the time wrong in my calendar and I was 2 hours late that is! Fortunately, the doctor saw me anyway and I was out of there in 30 minutes total. I noticed there was no Mirena paraphernalia in the office this time and he was quick to say let's take it out. After the fact I discussed some of my fatigue and other issues and noted that it reminded me of when I was pregnant. He agreed it could be from the hormones in the IUD and it was possible I would feel better now. I think this has been an issue with other patients. I sincerely hope this will help my energy level.

Our ceiling how has a nice hole in it where we will have to replace the insulation and drywall. Our shower has had the tile ripped out and we're letting it dry out. We are starting on walling in the loft to make an office this weekend. Fortunately, a friend of Mike's brother is doing the work for us so it will be cheaper than hiring a company (this is what he does at his normal job and does weekend jobs on the side). I'm really thinking about trying to rearrange the bathroom so we have some closet space. If I can do that, get a screen door, and the office done I think I could find some happiness in this house. With our market I'm probably stuck for awhile so I'd like to be happy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What next!?!

First I should note I have not downloaded photos yet but I took this with my phone a week before Halloween and sent it to myself. I'm quite proud of the outfit from the Sly 3 Playstation game because I had to create it myself. Now onto more annoying issues...

I can't believe how absolutely awful today is. Last night Connor was up yet again making it night number 4 in the last 7 nights. Except this time he absolutely would not go back to sleep. I will admit he did have a little gas but not enough to warrant his being awake from 3:30 until 5:45! I was so exhausted I just could not get up at 7 to take Sean to school plus I hated to wake Connor so I did something I never could have imagined doing. I slept until 8:30 and finally got Sean to school a little before 10. I feel like such a horrible Mommy and believe me things haven't improved much since then.

To start, I'm in a bad mood about the election. I'm sure Mr. Obama is a lovely man, but unfortunately for me he has has probably voted against most of the moral issues I find most important.

Okay, back to my day. Bad mood going to sleep, woken up at 3:30 so only about 3 hours of sleep. Mike's still gone (since Monday morning early) so I am the only one here to take care of the boys. Sean goes to school late and I know Connor isn't going to nap nor do I have the patience to get him to sleep anyway. It's Wednesday so I have to take Sean to Karate and entertain Connor for an hour... I might as well go to the gym even though my new "workout buddy" can't go because her daughter is sick. Stay tuned for my workout issues as I've agreed to work out with a friend from church 3 days a week. A friend who happens to run 7 miles daily but needs some crosstraining. I sucked it up today, worked really hard in my delirious state and ran 1.3 miles indoors, on a treadmill, while I watched soap operas. Obviously I'm giong to find it a breeze to keep up with Sheila, LOL!

Alright, home and more fun awaits. I'm letting Connor play in the backyard with Charlotte. Yes, I let my 2 1/2 year old play in the backyard with the dog we got a month ago. Yes, I'm insane but I do stay by the window and watch and she is from a home with 5 kids and is very submissive. And yes, if he gets bit I will have to slit my wrists as I will then be the most neglectful mother ever born. Anyway, I lure him inside somehow. I'm not sure how but I need to remember because he seems to want to move in with Charlotte permanently and we haven't even gotten her a doghouse yet. He ran in our front room. The useless one separated from our tiny living room by french doors someone thought was a good idea instead of say having space for living in the living room. When I go in to get him to pick up Sean the couch is wet. Connor has a tendency to pour juice on things and actually killed one of our TV's so I automatically blame him. In fact I pick him up and softly swat his diapered tush. I'm not a spanker but I'm tired and he is out of control lately. I'm trying to dry it up when I discover the blinds are wet too and for whatever reason glance up. The ceiling is leaking! The shower handle has been leaking and Mike worked on it this weekend but apparently it didn't stop. I never take showers so I didn't notice. I ran upstairs and managed to get it to stop but the ceiling is now soggy and I'm afraid it will fall in. I finally heard back from Mike about 30 seconds before I used the shop vac on the drain. He explained the water in the drain was not the culprit (hey I'm a girl, how should I know, I think I get points for even trying to address the problem). He walked me through taking the handle apart and suggested I poke a hole in the ceiling to determine if water was still sitting or if the drywall was just saturated.

I instructed Sean to call 911 if he heard a crash and I didn't answer, locked the boys upstairs and scaled the ladder with a bucket and screwdriver (flathead--see I'm not totally inept). Fortunately, only heavier drips came out so I've sealed off the room until he returns and can fix it. If I can survive tomorrow it will be a miracle but I WILL take a few hours off for myself this weekend.

Oh, did I mention I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow to remove the Mirena. Well, at least I've been so busy and sleepy today I haven't had time to worry about it. Of course I'm not sure where the info with the appointment time is and now it's after 5. Hopefully, I can either find it or get ahold of them early enough to get Connor to Kidspace before I have to be there. Oh, joy what a fun life I live. I guess the president-elect is the least of my worries today. But boy, I sure miss my mother right now!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not mess up the rules and accidentally link before posting. No, Not Me!

I did not find MckMama's blog only a few weeks ago but become a total addict checking it daily and every few hours the day MckMuffin was born. Not Me!

I did not sob and thank God when he was born not only alive but as perfect as it gets. Not Me!

I did not neglect to yet again download Halloween photos so you can see how cute my 3 boys looked (yes I made Mike a costume too). Not Me!

I did not work until the last minute taking on way to much and literally piecing Mike's costume together as we drove to the Trick-or-Treat party. Not Me!

I did not let both boys watch way to much TV today because I was up yet again with Connor last night (3rd night in a week!) Not Me!

I did not "kick" Sean outside to play with Connor so I could read the mail, oops, I mean empty the dishwasher and make dinner. Not Me!

I did not "shamelessly" post this Not Me! post so I could post my link and maybe someone would actually read my blog. (Actually that's not totally true because I really needed to post today anyway!) Not Me!

I did not fall to my knees in the kitchen a few minutes ago crying out to God to protect our nation in tomorrow's election. AND this is not totally out of character for me. Not Me!

I also did not get to the early voting site too late to wait because I had to pick Connor up from MDO (on Friday) thus didn't even vote! Not Me!

I am not counting the minutes until I can finally get both boys in bed because Connor was up last night, took a late nap thus denying me one, and Mike is yet again out of town. No, Not Me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I forgot Janet tagged me. I've been so busy working on the photos I've been posting. Anyway, I don't have anyone to tag that hasn't already been tagged but I'll answer the questions myself at least.

1. Where is your cell phone? My bedroom
2. Where is your significant other? El Paso on business
3. Your hair color? Dark Blond at the moment, probably back to medium blond soon.
4. Your mother? In heaven with Jesus
5. Your father? Heaven also, he got there first.
6. Your favorite thing? hugs from my boys
7. Your dream last night? probably that I was running late to get somewhere
8. Your dream/goal? To raise my sweet boys to love God and themselves but also to find something I excel in (the mother thing comes hard for me) so I will feel a sense of satisfaction
9. The room you're in? Loft but soon to be office once the walls go in
10. Your hobby? Blogging, reading. sleeping when the kids allow me to.
11. Your fear? bugs
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Both boys in school so I'll need an outlet. I'd like to start a creative business of some sort--me and all the other Mommies out there right!
13. Where were you last night? Home alone with the boys and our new dog
14. What you’re not? Focused and driven but I wish I were
15. One of your wish list items? A screen door--seriously I've asked and asked for one so I can leave the door open and hear the kids from inside and thus get something done
16. Where you grew up? San Antonio and San Angelo TX
17. The last thing you did? Went to Target (a good thing) with both boys (a bad thing)
18. What are you wearing? Denim shorts (very wrinkled), Royal blue shirt with white tank under and slip on Keds
19. Your TV? 2 LCD per DH
20. Your pet? New dog named Charlotte. She is a 1 yr old Australian Blue Heeler
21. Your computer? It says Compaq
22. Your mood? Tired, no sleep thanks to Connor and cranky because I'm tired all the time.
23. Missing someone? My mother--always
24. Your car? Lincoln MKX (it's a crossover and I LOVE it!)
25. Something you’re not wearing? earrings, I used to never leave the house without them, loved them and then I had kids
26. Favorite store? Target, Steinmart, Marshalls
27. Your summer? Still having it, it's 85 today, and I'm sick of it!
28. Love someone? My DH and boys
29. Your favorite color? Purple and tuscan blue (not together I like blue with brown)
30. When is the last time you laughed? Probably yesterday at Connor
31. Last time you cried? yesterday but I'm surprised it wasn't today

Okay now for photos of Sean. One has both boys but as you will see it's really all about Sean. The first is at the circus. The second well. I really don't know what's going on in his head... Sorry to titillate you all with the pickle thing. Please remember that I don't get out much and Target really is the highlight of most of my days so the pickle ride seemed much funnier to me than it probably would to anyone else!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pickles on Parade

Okay Nanny, just for you here's Connor walking his pickle, or actually the whole jar of pickles. It's not edited great as I should really be in bed and the red-eye thing is just not wanting to work for some reason. Anyway, Connor is a pickle fiend (just like Mommy) and wanted the jar from the frig. He had brought his trike with him and then proceeded to place the jar on the seat and carefully walk it to the table so he could eat his pickles there. I have another one that isn't uploaded yet where his head is down as, I guess, he checks with the pickles to see if they are enjoying the ride okay.


A few more pics of Connor

I'm going to add a few. I'd have more if it didn't take me so long to edit on Photobucket. The first is at the Zoo Train, then one of him looking like a teenager and finally one that shows off his lush lips I just love them. I haven't edited the one of him walking his pickle but I'll get it on tomorrow along with some of my big boy Sean (is your interest peaked, and no that isn't some sort of euphemism for something else!)





It feels so good to not feel lousy! I am finally not sick anymore. I'm trying to take it easy so I don't get overtired with Mike out of town but there is so much to do. On that note I'm going to make this quick as I've already wasted half of Connor's nap trying to upload photos and losing the blog I started. I'll add more later vut for now here's a few photos of my darlings. They aren't the cutest I have but given their recent behavior they are the most representative of their personalities

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Somewhat better

I'm feeling a little better today although still pretty dazed. Probably from lack of food. Unfortunately, not eating hasn't made as big an impact on my weight as I'd like. Hopefully, per my last rant, er blog that is, I can get an appointment soon and find out if I'd hopeless or just hormonal, LOL!

Anyway, Mike got up with Connor this morning shortly before 7 and I slept in another few hours. I also slept during Connor's nap today and then Mike took the boys to his parents house. Because I am so behind and the dirty house is making me feel sicker I tried to clean some. I did some laundry, folded some already done laundry, put up some clothes that have been folded for several days (noticing a trend here?), then swept, mopped and shopped (for the things I forgot Friday in my weakened state) Now I am tired and ready for bed. Hopefully Connor will sleep tonight as he hasn't made it through the night in the last 3 days which hasn't helped me feel any better.

I still haven't got any photos uploaded but I did take a cute little quiz off of Kaycee's blog so I'll post that. It only had 3 questions but I guess the info fits...

Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant-Garde

You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.

You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.

Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.

You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Could there be an end in sight?

I've been feeling miserable all week with some odd thing that makes me congested and nauseous at the same time. I've been blaming it on allergies since Benadryl makes me feel better, but in truth I noticed that Benadryl helps my nausea while I was pregnant with Connor. I took some for allergies as it was on my approved list and I actually felt normal--did I mention I get sick all day every day for about 5 months while I'm pregnant, both times. Until I got the Zofran I would allow myself one Benadryl a week and it was heaven to both feel okay AND sleep!

Anyway, I'm totally digressing. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. The scary thing is I've said that alot the last few years. Yes, Connor isn't the best sleeper in the world but even when I go a few weeks with no wake ups I'm still tired. I did okay when Mike was gone but I'm being to think that literally was an ACT OF GOD. Anyway, I've had a thought off and on about my Mirena. I actually discussed having it out last year but the doctor talked me into keeping it. My PMS gets so bad at times I've taken pregnancy tests just in case. Even when I was working out during the Spring I only managed to get 10 pounds off and still not down to where I was when I got pregnant. That was already 7 pounds or so higher than normal since I stress ate during my mother's Cancer (if you don't know, I got pregnant the week after she died). Obviously I didn't lose since by the time I got back on a workout program I was a month along.

Okay, so Mike has been bringing it up lately that I should get it removed. Because I spot off and on so much. After reading up I see alot of women with alot of my issues I didn't know were possibly related. The weight gain, increased depression, mood swings, back pain, acne, pelvic pain, decreased libedo (now you know way to much about me, LOL!), panic attacks, restlessness, headaches, etc. I've been getting dull pains in my right lower abdominal also that I never told anyone about AND I get winded and ache just climbing the stairs. Have I mentioned that I'm really thinking about having a mid-life crisis because all of this has made me feel so OLD!

I'm really really hoping and praying it is related to the IUC so I can finally feel better. On Monday I'm going to try and call a new doctor--my doctor doesn't take our new insurance--but I'm not sure how to find one that isn't so PRO-MIRENA. From the posts I read that seems to happen alot. I just really really hope this will help because I'm not ready to be old yet, especially since I need to chase a 2 year old around. The weird thing but good as it matches my issues, is that the symptoms these women have often seem to start awhile after they got the IUC and at times they are somewhat better. I geuss it's because the hormones fluctuate.

Okay, that's my rant for today. Tomorrow maybe I'll finally download the softwear for my camera so I can post pic's of my boys. Actually, the post could be much more negative because I was in a mood today to scream about how selfish everyone is. After being cut off and cut in front of by people who thought it was my problem that they didn't get in the correct lane to begin with, my mood swing was definitely toward the negative side! At least with this post even though I'm complaining at least I'm hopeful I might be a happier person in the future. Hope, hope, hope, pray, pray, pray...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morning again

Good Morning Blogspot. I'm saying goodmorning to my blog because I think I'm alone again. It was such a rush the other day to get 11 comments on my poor little blog. I was so excited about SITS and though I'm enjoying reading other blogs I think it may be back to just being me, myself and I over here. Oh well, at least I enjoy looking at the fall colors I've decorated my blog with. Since I can't have them in my world at least I can have them here!

I'm trying to build up the energy for a Target excursion. My favorite place in the world and I'm actually too draggy to get moving. Darn allergies! I'm going to look for that non-drowsy Benadryl so I haven't taken any Claritin this morning and I'm feeling it. Guess I'll have to try though as Connor is insisting something is at the back door--he really just wants me off the computer though and since he just banged his chin into the desk I guess I'd better comply!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm seriously considering auctioning off 2 beautiful young boys. Full of energy and imagination they will completely "redecorate" your home in mere minutes. Provided you like the totally destroyed look they are quite handy to have around. No major defects unless you count Sean's ADHD and Connor's Terrible Two stage. They are very cheap to feed. You won't have to worry about purchasing expensive fruit and veggies as these will only go to waste. In fact if you take a large Halloween sack on the 31st you can probably keep them satisfied for weeks on lollipops alone. At the moment they are only clad in underwear--and only because I forced them into those--so clothing will not be a big expense either. Don't bother with new clothes as they will be stained at the first wearing anyway. Be careful though, the little one may stick to metal as we are still missing several magnets that his older brother was told to never have within his reach. As you can see by the photo below they photograph beautifully and will be a great addition to any Holiday portrait, provided it's one of the days they will stay in one place for more than 2 seconds. All serious offers considered...


Seriously, it's partly my fault for being sick but what a day for the boys to decide on pure chaos. Did I mention that Connor climbed up on the bathroom counter and turned the water on, stopped up the sink, and flooded the carpet...What a day to feel lousy. I'm sure it's allergies because once I was able to take a Benadryl last night I felt better. Unable to function due to the drowsiness but better none-the-less, LOL! Someone at Bible Study told me there is a non-drowsy Benadryl and if I had the energy I'd go to the store and find some.

Yes, I did go to Bible Study. I decided it was a better choice then laying on the couch and having Connor try and get me up to go play. He had fun and I felt better at the time due to some Claritin. It has worn off now though. I also took Connor to McDonald's because the playground was too wet for him to play outside. Unfortunately, it took me so long to get him out of there I didn't have time to rest much before picking Sean up from School. I would hope for some relief once Mike gets home but he's already complaining about how I can't deal with the kids so I don't see much hope there either.

Hopefully, the weather will change and I'll feel better--it's still dad gum HOT here and humid to boot! As much as I love TX I hate that it is still almost 90 in mid-October. I just talked to my friend in MI and the leaves are turning and they went to a bonfire at church last week. I'm so jealous. Someday I hope to at least visit a state that has Autumn so I can see the leaves turn and enjoy the brisk weather. Oh well, maybe it will cool off by January!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oops--let's get this right SITS Blogathon

Let's try this again so I can link into the blogathon. Remember I said I was technologically challenged but give me a break. They didn't even offer computer classes in my high school so I'm coming along slowly. Not to mention the fact that I've been out of the office for over 7 years. OMG (for the record the big G in my blog is for GOSH!) that makes me sound so out of the loop. Hopefully this great blogsite SITS--see the cute pink button above--will help me out here. Plus is seems like a great way to connect. I'm not sure if my post has to have favorites in it. Hopefully not since I just got started and do need to get downstairs. Obviously Kaycee is a fav since she is on my site twice---her blog and store--and Janet who may or may not be linked on SITS but who inspired me to try this. I really like the way it was described as a sorority on Angie's Spot. Neat idea--I regret not joining ASA's in college so maybe I'll get that type of thing here!

technologically challenged

Okay an hour later I've finally discovered how to add buttons on my blog. I've added Kaycee's boutique (Prissy Miss) and The Secret is in the Sauce. Thanks Kaycee for the info on that one. Hopefully I can meet some bloggers there and exchange comments with them. Someday soon maybe I can actually enter the 21st century of technology, LOL! If any of my family is out there reading this check out the site and you should find plenty to read. I haven't gotten to read anything yet but I look forward to getting back here soon to do so. Since I've left the boys alone downstairs--don't worry I'm in the loft so I can hear any screaming or breaking glass (so far so good)--I should probably get off now. Plus it's dinner time but here I am reading blogs instead of cooking dinner. BTW I have the door alarm on so I do know if they try and wander out into traffic or anything...

Friday, October 10, 2008


I wish I could get paid for the man hours I put into the boys, and Mike's, Halloween costumes. If only I'd listened to my mother and took Home Ec and could sew it would all be so much easier. I decided Connor should be Curious George and that I would create a Man in the Yellow Hat for Mike (because they are $40 online before tax and shipping!).

I spent last Friday running around from Goodwill to Goodwill searching for parts to costumes for Mike and Sean. Sean will be Cooper from a Playstation game--he's a "good" Raccoon Thief, um okay right?!? I'm carrying around the game cover trying to match things to it. So far I found a cane, a mask, a hat I can dye to match and he has gloves and a shirt. I guess I'll have to hand sew the pants (they are fur so essentially no pants at all-- and I threatened to just make Sean go bare down below, LOL!), tail and ears. Mike got a yellow shirt and I'm going to get some yellow scrub pants to match. I will paint a witches hat yellow and he can wear boots. None of the Halloween stores have George so I thought I'd order online. Guess what? They are out of toddler sizes of the version I want. Drat!!!! So now I'm trying to win one on EBAY. I'm so limited because it can't be too warm since it's still in the 80s here.

I'm reading at Sean's school Halloween and planned to match the book until I found out the teacher picked one about a duck running for president. I just don't feel like being a duck all day. I've got enough "fluff" without adding more! Besides I don't have the energy to try and come up with a duck suit. Guess I'll just wear the purple shirt with the black glitter bats I got yesterday. I thought the "You don't scare me. I've got kids!" shirt I also got (orange and black) wouldn't be appropriate at school. I'll save it for Trick or Treat and the Harvest Fest at church.

Okay one more hour and they should be asleep. Connor was up from 2:30-4:30 last night so I'm beat but I've had so much caffeine today I probably won't sleep anyway...

Sean had his bike rodeo today so I'm adding a few pictures. He has a major crush on the little girl in his class picture that won the trophy. He gets all silly when he sees her picture and he said he plans to be in love with her when he grows up!
bike rodeo
1st grade class

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Oh my gosh, I HATE bugs. I'm so phobic it's really really sad--especially for someone with a Psych degree because I know I should face it but EEK, they'd make me touch the things!!!

Today I've spent at least an hour trying to find out if the bug below bug stings or bites. I'm thrilled I finally have a name for the sucker but cannot find any info on biting, etc. People seem thrilled to post photos (gives me the heebie-jeebies just to look at them!) of them and discuss details but not the main one for me. We get them in the fall here and they love the trees we have on the side of the house. It's the second house we've had with those trees and I noticed an increase of these bugs so concluded a correlation (that's Statistics of Psych terminology, LOL!) Anyway, one landed on me while Connor and I were playing T-Ball outside. It didn't bite but I have so many "run-in's" with them I'm determined to get an answer. Do I believe with 2 beautiful boys to talk about that I am actually wasting my time blogging about a bug--yes and if you have phobias you understand.

As far as they boys, they are keeping me busy. Connor thinks he's a cat. Hmmm, wonder if cats eat those bugs? I've been wanting to get a cat, besides Connor of course. Sean is a handful. Still eating like crazy but his behavior is still not where it should be. Again, I'm still lost on that front.

Mike is now officially promoted to I guess Regional Manager is the correct title. I'll have to ask him but it's over most of TX. He's a little overwhelmed with getting promoted before he really mastered the last position but I told him not to say "NO". We'll see what happens next since he was promoted in 4 months with this company. Actually, I think they had it in mind when they hired him. Hopefully, he will still be happy. So far he's glad he didn't stay with the company in Waco even though they told him he'd take over a company w/in 2 years. He'd like to have a little more time for the boys than that would allow. He's hoping this one will not take over his entire life.

Okay I'm posting the photo of the bug. If any of the few people who read this know if the things stings please tell me. Yes, I'm totally irrational but I can't help it. Fortunately, the things seem to fly slowly so I can usually outrun them--they do tend to fly right for you though. Mike says they don't' see well but I think they are aggressive personally!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last day gone

Thank goodness it's Mike's last day in McAllen AND the last day of early dismissal. Even more exciting--for me--Connor has MDO tomorrow. I can' wait to go costume shopping. I love to shop and mostly for bargains. Okay, only for bargains. I can hardly force myself to buy something that's not on sale. Even at Marshalls or Ross I head straight for the clearance racks. Tomorrow I hit the big one--Goodwill. I can't go there with Connor because to be honest it's kind of dirty in there but it's the perfect place to shop for Sean and Mike's costumes. There is a Party City in the same center so I'll look for Curious George as well.

I ended up getting Connor down late--after 2--thanks to early dismissal so we will have a late night. I hate waking him from naps but at 4 I had no choice unless I plan to be up until midnight. I need to get on a better schedule because it seems I'm always getting him down around 1 then having to wake him to go get Sean. Oh well, I'm always planning to get organized but never seem to actually do so. Right now I need to go clean up Sean's room so we can go to the school and practice riding his bike. He never rides and the Bike Rodeo is in a week. Mike won't let him do it again in training wheels but of course they have only practiced twice since last year. I'm sure I shouldn't mention that Mike should have tried harder to get him to try instead of say going to the gym or just letting him play on the computer...

Still haven't downloaded the info from the digital camera but I did finally go to my photobucket account and get some more pictures of the boys. I love this one!
beach boys

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Early Dismissal

Well Sean has early dismissal for the next 3 days so nap time is all messed up. I was hoping Connor would fall asleep in the car but no such luck. I can tell he's tired but at this point I hate to try and get him to sleep as it will be 2 by the time I do so. Tomorrow I have my conference so I'm going to try and get an early nap in so he won't be fussy at KidSpace. On top of that Sean has Karate that evening so I don't want a difficult child at 6 PM. I think I'm going to try and get both boys up early and, finally, walk Sean to school. Besides the exercise for me it might calm Sean down a little for class. It should be an interesting conference as he's had some issues lately. I tried switching back to his old med's but he got a bad report today so...

This week I've got to get the boys, an Mike's, Halloween costumes together. I may have to order Connor's--Curious George. Mike is going to be The man in the Yellow Hat (of course) but I think I may try and find something at Goodwill because the costume is $40 and it's not like he's going to wear it again! Sean wants to be a character from one of his Playstation games. I'm guessing no one will know what he is--a raccoon "good" thief from the SLY game?!?!--but I guess it's better than being Luke Skywalker for the 3rd time. This one I'll definitely have to make up myself but I need to take the game box to get the right stuff. I'm going to read a story at Sean's school and try and dress in character but the teacher is picking the story. Hopefully she will have done so and I can figure something out for myself as well. Connor get to wear his costume to MDO so I'm glad I saw one that looks lightweight. I want to check the costume store this week in case I have to order it!

I took some photos of the boys but I still have to download the software on the computer. I wish Mike had done it but he's gone for the week now. He did get us hot water but had to turn off the water softener to do so. So my hair looks lousy but I can get a hot bath. Okay gotta go, I think I'm skipping the nap and heading to the gym to give the boys something to do. I took Connor to Breckenridge park to ride the train this morning but he wasn't enthralled like Sean at that age. I don't get it as he loves trains--more so than Sean. Maybe it's just the noise.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Negative Posts

Well I said I would try and be less negative but reading my last post I see I failed. Today I'm just sleepy and out of sorts. I've been sleepy and just feeling yucky for a few weeks now. I wish I knew what the problem was. I keep thinking it's allergies due to being S. Tx and all but I always see magazine articles about other type allergies. The last one I read was about milk allergies but not intolerance. I've always wondered as milk upset my stomach when I was a child and I've never been particularly fond of it--poor bones of mine! Anyway, maybe I can try to go a few days w/out milk products and see how I feel. Guess that means I'll be eating meat, fruit and veggies for awhile. I always seem to plan on that and can't avoid processed foods!

I did go carb free for 3 weeks before I went out to CO for the wedding and I did lose about 7 pounds then so obviously it would be a good choice for me! I'll try but my willpower tends to fail when I'm sleepy. I also worry about all the Diet Cokes I drink--about 2 a day, yikes. I'm sure that helps my bones especially considering the no milk issue. It is kind of a cycle I guess. I'm sleepy so I drink caffeine then I have trouble sleeping so... Except this weekend I've slept well--I think, Mike's snoring might also be affecting my sleep.

On the snoring front, Mike will be gone all week so we'll see if that helps. Except I don't sleep as well when he's gone because he's gone, LOL!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Busy Sunday at Fiesta TX and IL's

What a long, long day. Fiesta TX was inexplicably closed yesterday so we skipped church to meet a friend there today instead. It was a nice outing but Connor still isn't quite ready for most of the rides. We finally left at 2 and headed over to my in-laws. Mike insisted we should see them today because it is their anniversary this week. I told him I didn't even know when my parents anniversary was and I didn't think his parents knew when ours was but... Okay maybe I'm the bad one and most kids celebrate their parents anniversary but I don't think so--excluding big one's like 50 of course.

My pet-peeve today is School Fundraisers. I would so much rather write a big check to the school than do this. Since I practically have no family to hit up and I don't work that doesn't leave much. Mike barely knows the people at his new job so won't take it there so that leaves the IL's. So I had Sean give it to them today and true to form they ordered 1 package of candy. Yes that's 1. I'm over here ordering every small item in the stupid catalogue so Sean can get more prizes probably worth a buck and they order a measly bad of peanuts. Okay, yes I know I sound whiny but come on. I really want the canvas portrait made from the photo but its over $30 and I could order 3 things or more for that so I'll go with the junky stuff to make Sean happy. I wish he'd just let me take him to the dollar store--we'd both end up with more stuff that way!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleepy again

I don't know why I am so tired today. I slept well last night. I have been sneezing some so maybe it's just allergies. I wanted to try and meet a friend tonight after she got off work but I'm feeling to tired to go. Fortunately, I never set plans because I wasn't sure Mike would be able to be home. I need to call her anyway to touch base.

Bible Study is good. They split our group into 2 groups and I'm kind of sad as most of the people I know went into the other group. Hopefully I'll make some friends where I am. I also have until Sunday to convince Mike we need to go and join a Life Group. I really want that small group relationship with other families. I can't believe we've been at the church 4 years and haven't joined one yet. There have been 2 he was interested in but they met when Sean has Karate so that never happened. Maybe this time I can convince him.

Still no photos. I am going to try and download some tomorrow while Connor is at MDO. On that note I need to go and run a few errands so I don't have to do them tomorrow and can get some things done around the house.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally back

Not back from anywhere though of course just finally decided to post. The boys are playing downstairs so it may be quick or not depending on how it goes. Sean has been so sweet to Connor lately and after several bad reports from school has had a few good days. In fact he was so good at church Sunday Mike asked him if he was a different child. Probably not a good idea but...

Friday night Mike and I went to see Santana. Not somewhere I would normally go but I'm trying to be more spontaneous. We were lucky enough to get invited by Terry and Sheila who had free tickets--one of the perks of being manager of Mad Dogs I guess--AND get a great babysitter at the last minute. Sean's friend Nik's grandmother not only came on short notice she got both boys to sleep. That is huge for me as no one but Mike or I, mostly "I", have ever done that other than MDO naps. I'm trying to let go some. We now all (all being the 3 couples that went Friday) want to try a night out at PollyEsters for dancing. It's been 4 years since I've been there--for Mike's 20th Reunion--so I guess it's time. Not sure what I have to wear out though and I'm wondering if I can lose 20 pounds in a few weeks, LOL!

Things have been somewhat calmer despite the illness of everyone in the family over the last few weeks. It's making me realize that I do need to stay on my Effexor instead of trying to do it myself. If I can get through all the cleaning and mess of Sean throwing up all over the house without getting too stressed there is surely something in the meds I need!

Well, I got the digital camera so now I need to figure out how to download photos to add to this. I took a few of the boys watching the circus Saturday--it was a big weekend for us! I haven't had any photos of Connor, other than professional, since Christmas as Mike's camera was stolen in February while he was in Europe. Sad that it took us until now to replace it.

I met the nicest lady today. She bought the stroller I posted on Craigslist and I'm glad she did. She just moved here before her 3 month old was born and doesn't know anyone. To make matters worse her husband was deployed to Iraq despite the fact he is retiring in a year. I guess her neighborhood isn't too friendly and her older children are having trouble in school. Unfortunately alot of it has to do with where they bought but I'm trying not to say too much. They needed better guidance from the realtor but then her husband is at Lackland and they are fairly close to it. I'm hoping to find some middle ground where we can meet so I can prove Texans are in fact friendly. Plus I think we have alot in common, YAY!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Morning

Everyone had a great night last night and got some good sleep. This morning it is a little rainy and still cool but they said we are coming to the end of our cool front. As much as I love living in Texas, and I really do, I don't like the hot weather. I don't want blizzards either but 4 distinct seasons would be nice. Logistically, I would be better off in another part of TX but this is where I think God wants us right now. Plus, as Mike pointed out during the Waco fiasco, at least I am familiar with the town and have our church should we ever have another emergency situation.

Speaking of church, I am so happy that they are collecting clothes for the Ike evacuees. I have so many things from the boys that I was planning to take to the Salvation Army but now I know where they will be going and that's better. I also pulled things out for Noah but haven't taken them over to Don yet. Since I haven't seen Noah lately I'm not sure what size he wears. Since he's a year younger than Connor you would think things would fit him but last time I saw him he was almost the same size. Don said he's not growing as fast as before. That makes sense as he is almost 1 1/2 and probably not taking as many bottles. Connor sure slowed down at that point as well. Both my boys are such light eaters--too bad their Mommy doesn't have that problem!

I'm still trying to get the house cleaned up from the aftermath of the family illness, lol! I did about 6 loads of laundry that day and I've still got some extra sheets and a comforter in the corner of the loft. I want to wash everything anyone touched even if it doesn't look dirty. It's probably not helping to have it out where Connor can lay on it though! Still, I really need to wash some clothes as I haven't done that since Sunday so I'm very behind. I'm actually limited to what color tops I can wear (because my white bra needs washing!) so something needs to get done.

I have to take Connor to KidSpace again as I have a doctors appointment. Actually, it's just a follow-up so no big deal but it's been rescheduled twice already. He seemed to enjoy the gym the other day and bible study yesterday so maybe he won't mind for an hour or two. I think maybe it's starting to get more fun then just hanging out with Mommy. We'll see tomorrow when I take him to MDO. So far that's been an issue when I leave and he's not napping. I can't wait to get to cleaning the garage tomorrow. I'm not sure what we have piled back there. I'm hoping to use that camera I get today, for Mike of course (ha, ha), to take some photos and get some stuff on Craigslist so I can get it out of here. I don't like to deal with it unless Mike is here so the weekend is the best time for people to pick stuff up. Okay, off to check my son. Not a bad post. Not exciting but I'm not pissed off so hey, I'm making progress!

Birthday Present

Hopefully Mike won't read this before tomorrow. I'm so excited because I thought of a gift for him--one we can all use! He never wants anything and truthfully he does have alot but we need another digital camera because his was stolen in Europe and I can't find the memory cards to the old one. I found one with good reviews and for under $200 so I'm going to Target to get it tomorrow. I've already bought the things for his birthday dinner and he will be in town since he just got over the stomach flu. He was scheduled to be in McAllen Tuesday through late Thursday but now he will be home. I'm sorry he suffered but glad I can do something special for him actually on his birthday. Another bonus is that I can start adding photos to this blog AND I can sell off alot of stuff on Craigslist and maybe pay for the camera, Yea!

The boys are okay but Sean had another bad day at school. Maybe the new med's aren't working. He's eating so much better than on the last one but he can't keep getting in trouble everyday after lunch. We've increased the dose but maybe it's not enough to last more than 4-5 hours. It's so frustrating to be medicating your son for ADHD and not even be getting good results. I just wish I knew of another way but I don't know what to try.

Well it's bedtime now so I should stop typing. Had a good day and actually got to go to Bible Study. Connor and I even walked down to the park while Sean and Mike were at Karate so I got a little workout in as well. Now if tonight will just go smooth!