Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yes, today I took Connor to Build-a-Bear. Sean went in the fall for a party and came home with a pretty cool bear. Connor has a few stuffed animals but most are actually Sean's and Connor has a Teddy Bear Picnic tomorrow at preschool. I decided he needed his own special bear.

This probably isn't the best time since tomorrow I am also mailing our massive property tax payment thus seriously depleting our savings account. I guess I wanted him to have a fun experience. It seems with Sean I had so much more energy (not to mention time with only 1 kid) and we were always at the zoo, park, Fiesta Texas, and so on. Connor goes to the store alot, the gym when I can get him there, and to take Sean places. I'd like to improve my energy enough that we're at least doing park visits more often.

He was so quiet and serious at the mall. The last time he was at the mall with just me was probably over a year ago in a stroller so I'm sure he doesn't remember it. We all went Christmas 2008 to look at a washer/dryer at Sears and got out of there ASAP so he can't remember much then either.

He loved Build-a-Bear. He even chose the shirt that had their logo on it. That and the helmet and knee/elbow pads so I guess he's got a skater bear. He listened intently to the building instructions and immediately chose the heart that said "I love you". He loves carrying Tedi (his choice, my spelling to shake things up a bit) and giving him kisses. I kinda wish he hadn't picked the helmet as I was hoping Tedi would encourage him to sleep in his bed instead of mine (every night this week!). Perhaps we'll just take his helmet off at bedtime. I can always hope. The bear ended up being $25 so I'm hoping it has some benefit for me as well!


Janet said...

That's really special. I know he loved it! you are a good mom. Sorry you don't have the energy you want, but you still do a lot!

Lloyd said...

This is a great post. I love it.

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